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  1. Hi pals, I'm looking for a good, leopard compliant PCI (or USB) soundcard, since my ALC850 on my amd system is driving me nuts (iTunes, VLC and so on works fine, but whenever there's an "alert" sound (for example the "submarine", "purr" etc etc), or play GarageBand it makes an scratchy sound). I've read a lot of posts talking about kernel parameters (platform=X86PC, cpus=1, fn=3, fsb=133, none of them in any combination works at all :-( ), and looked for change frequency on that midi thingy in utilities, but that doesn't let me do that very thing :-S . The worst thing of all is that i've suffering some apps hangs, allways relating to CoreAudio or Audio (in crash report, the thread hanging allways shows an audio related message), and this is getting extremely anoying. I've read some posts of some guy blaming this to the AMD cpu, but i'm not quite sure... Ok, to the point, ¿do you know any good working soundcard on Leopard (I can use PCI slots, but i'm open to USB thingys)? Thank you very much in advance :-)
  2. Odd "static" in some sounds

    It's strange, in the MIDI thingy there's no option for change sample rate for output, at least for my alc850... The sound i'm unable to hear is that of GarageBand or System Sounds (only strange garbage as stated above) The really annoying thing is that this was working like a charm in my old tiger (10.4.8) :-S
  3. Strange noises on some sounds

    Hi to everyone, I've installed leo4all v 3 ( 10.5.2 ) without no major issue but some audio problems with short sounds. I have a GIGABYTE K8NF-9 SK939 motherboard that appears to have Realtek ALC850 Audio AC'97 soundcard. Installing that work flawlessly excepts when playing sounds like the ones on Preferences/Sound panel. It only plays an strange noise. I tried to do the Audio Mixer trick but it doesn't allow me to choose any other frequency than 48000hz (that appears to be the right value). I'm kinda lost :-S Thanks for your help :-) !
  4. BT878 TV Tuner Feedback

    Well, forget about the sound workaround. It works when it want to :-( You must change settings and switch between radio and TV for a while. AFAIK No reproducible sequence. Once it works, works until next restart. Is just annoying... ¿Somebody "suffers" the same problem?
  5. BT878 TV Tuner Feedback

    Ok, some clues to make it work with a AverMedia AverTV 203 (may be with studio too). My setup is: Card: AverMedia Tuner: Philips FR1216_PAL (may be works with "Philips PAL" too ??? ) TV Format: PALBDGHI Video source: Input1 Audio Source: Tuner Video Size: 640x480 Window: As you wish Deinterlace: Linear Blend Channel Scan: Skip Duplicates I had various issues. The two more prominent were with scanning and audio: Scanning: - It appears to simply ignore "Skip duplicates" - You must scan over and over and over and over and over (pressing the "s" key ) until you get all your channels :-S, in every run it adds some new channels and a lot of {censored} (PPV channels, because i'm using a cable provider, and duplicates) Audio: - Given the configuration above, when the program is executed for the first time after a system reboot. the sound works for some miliseconds in channel zapping and then go mute :-S A workaround (very strange ) is: 1.- opening iTV, 2.- selecting "No card" for card 3.- "Extern" for audio source, 4.- Then selecting "AverMedia" for card again 5.- Then "Tuner" for audio source again and sound works fine until next restart. Make sure your audio is "playing Thru", (press "a" key after selecting the iTV window and select the apropiate devices and press "Play Through" More issues are related with that, apparently, some options doesn't apply until you restart the app. This is a pain in the ass application to configure (compared with any other MacOS app, you know ;-) ) but it works. No video/sound problem while watching tv, though... Hope this helps someone.