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Hi guys,


When I try to install Leopard OS X, I get the next message:

"Waiting for root device"

It's really driving my crazy :hysterical: !!


DVD image: iATKOS v1.0r2


I searched the internet (incl this forum), but couldn't find a solution ;) ...


I guess it has something to do with my sata drives?

I own two sata drives: one with Vista installed (250GB) & one clean hd (160GB).


Thank you in advance!! ;)


PC specs: Dell XPS 710

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6700 (2,66 GHz, 1.066 MHz, 4 MB cache)

nVidia nForce 590 SLI motherboard

2.048 MB 667 MHz DDR2 RAM

768 MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX

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I found this but don't really understand where I can find the files in google:


Issue:Upon booting DVD installer you see a message "waiting for root device…" This is a known issue that comes up quite frequently. Your IDE or SATA chipset may not be supported by the installer. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this problem. You must have a working install of OSX to do this.


Solution 1 Find a known working kext for your specific chipset.(Google is your friend)


hdiutil attach /"Leopard.iso" -readwrite

Create a folder named Extensions on your Desktop

Unpack Extensions.mkext from the Leopard.ISO in this folder mkextunpack -v -d /Users/"YOU"/Desktop/Extensions /Volumes/"Leopard.ISO"/System/Library/Extensions.mkext

Remove the MeDevil's kext(AppleNforceATA.kext)

Replace with the one known to work for your chipset

Fix the permissions on your new file type


kextcache -a i386 -K /Volumes/"Leopard.ISO"/mach_kernel -m /Users/"YOU"/Desktop/Extensions.mkext /Users/"YOU"/Desktop/Extensions

and place the newly created Extensions.mkext into the ISO and burn it to DVD and try again.

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hi there, there is no problem with sata hard drive. But there is  problem with you DVD rom. Because the mac os disk try to find ATAPI (CD-ROM) which is not supported by our DVD rom.


So last solution for this problem that i know is  to get usb dvd rom and boot from USB or boot from network :P

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I had the same issue with iATKOS.r3. I had to connect BOTH an IDE DVD and IDE HDD. I booted the install disk from the IDE DVD. I did not have to install to the IDE HD, I only had to have it connected. Once I got the DVD booted, I was able to install to the SATA HD. After install and shutdown, I removed the IDE devices and ran SATA only for both DVD and HD.


I later discovered that for some reason, the SATA DVD will read/mount any disk I put into it but seems to "fall asleep" immediately after mounting the image and will not wake up. I had to reinstall the IDE DVD drive (I had pulled the necessary parts from my mac G4 for installation) and all programs work correctly now (iTunes, quicktime, DVD player etc.).


It would seem a new SATA DVD driver is needed or find a SATA DVD that is universal and works for all installs of 10.5.2.

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Now I tried iATKOSv1.0r3, and I got the next "error":


Sam media read or write failed
Waiting for root device
Waiting for root device

I kept on searching and found the following in this topic:

( http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87901 )


"If you see an error message saying "SAM MEDIA READ / WRITE failed and continued with Still waiting for root device" or something similar during the DVD boot, it means nforceata driver that is supplied on this DVD is not compatible if you used a SATA DVD Drive, which means you will have to exchange it with PATA (IDE) one."

So normally, an IDE (eg. usb?) dvd-drive would do the job!

I'll get my hands on such drive next week! I'll post the result!



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Damn, can't seem to find such usb dvd-reader ... :blink:

Guess I'll have to buy one! Unless there's a way to connect an IDE-dvd reader to a SATA motherboard??


When I installed iAtkos r3 on my nForce 680i I had to fish out an old PATA DVD-ROM drive myself; once I was done with the install I used the new driver from Mysticus to get my SATA DVD working and removed that old IDE drive. Once you locate an IDE(PATA) DVD-ROM drive you will need to open up your computer case, normally with a screwdriver, and then attach an IDE ribbon cable to one of your IDE interfaces on the motherboard. Run this ribbon cable to the IDE DVD-Drive and plug in a Molex power connector (the 4-pin colored yellow, black, black, and red). Whether or not you want to install the drive into a device bay in your case is up to you; frankly I wouldn't if you are just going to remove it after you install Leopard.


When you boot make sure that the IDE DVD-ROM drive you just put in is set to Master/First Device in the system BIOS. And then make sure your machine will boot from the DVD-ROM drive, not one of your other SATA drives.


Once all this is done, pop in the iAktos disc (I'd use r3, if I were you). Hopefully this will allow you to boot into the install and put Leopard on one of your SATA HDDs. This is pretty much exactly what I did, and I can assure you iAktos r3 will install onto a SATA HDD from an IDE DVD-Drive. Good luck!

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This whole topic is full of incorrect information, in fact your first post was the correct one, the problem lies with your mcp56 chipset, and the solution is to find a DVD that has a compatible version of the nforceata.kext on it to recognise you ata/sata bus. The instructions you couldn't understand explain how to add this. iirc leo4all has some ppfs with different versions of this kext, and you may also have more luck with the more amd-centric distros such as lawlessppc.

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