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  1. Hi every1, i want to thank all, specially to dong & semantics ..i used [12/18/2009 update]:RadeonHD10.5.kext.zip and it works. my graphics card is ati radeon Hd 4530 and now that i used this kext i have my full resolution.Btw before i install RadeonHD10.5.kext i delete ATIRadeonX2000 kexts. also At 1st boot i used "Graphics Mode"="1366X768x32" and there was mouse problem(graphics problem) And when i boot to leopard, later on change info.plist of RadeonHD10.5.kext and i change here! <key>enableHWCursor</key> <false/> again reinstall RadeonHD10.5.kext now i can see my mouse pointer as well as i can change my resolution to any other resolution too..Bt i think opengl is nt working because icant see coverflow in itune.sorry for my english.
  2. hello, can any body tell me how to find the real name of sound card. My device manager show me sigmatel high definition audio codes?? i have onboard sound card.
  3. hi guys, i'm currently running osx86 10.4.8 tiger in vmware . And there is no sound in mac os. i have internal sound card of sigma tel. Is there any solution for sound? I have dell optiplex 740 AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core processer 5000 2 gb ram motherboard= dell inc out225 ATI Radeon X1300 pro 256MB video card TssTcorp DVD

    hi there, there is no problem with sata hard drive. But there is problem with you DVD rom. Because the mac os disk try to find ATAPI (CD-ROM) which is not supported by our DVD rom. So last solution for this problem that i know is to get usb dvd rom and boot from USB or boot from network
  5. ok, i run in to this problem with this drawin X86 mac 10.4.8 dvd. Whenever i try to boot from the disk it boots but after sometime it give "Still waiting for core to respond" something like this message. And when i boot this dvd in vmware workstations then it give this message evertime i run mac on it. "ATAPI(CD-Rom) command that is supported only when programming the deive via DMA. You will need to configure your guest operating system to use DMA when cummunication with DVD/CD-rom devices." and i can install mac only in vmware . can any body help me!