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Overclocking The Processor

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My Comp Specs:

Motherboard: Asus P5B-VM(G965 Chipset)

Processor: C2D E4400(2 GHZ OCed to 2.2 GHZ, SSE2 & SSE3 both compatible)

GPU: nVidia Geforce XFX 8500GT 256 MB DDR2 OCed to 670/530 MHZ

HDD: Samsung 80 GB IDE, Seagate 250 GB SATA

RAM: Kingston 1 GB DDR2 667 MHZ

ROM: Sony DVD Writer 16X


i tried to overclock but the FSB is not increasing above 220 which is 200 by default...

i have updated the BIOS to the latest stable version not the beta version(which is latest till date), set the PCI-E to 110, RAM latency timings @ 4-4-4-12, ram frequency @ 533 MHZ, disabled the Spread Spectrum and SpeedStep Technology...but i have not changed the voltage either of RAM or processor..


suggest me what shud i do to overclock it above 2.2GHZ..should i change the voltage...if yes, then by what extent should i increase it to if my current RAM voltage is 1.8 V and vcore voltage is 1.296 V...


thnx.. :(

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1- Increase your memory timings to 5-5-5-15, 4-4-4-12 is pretty tight.

2- Give memory voltage a slight bump to 1.9v.

3- This is not very problable but is your pci or pci-e speed linked to FSB speed. If so, unlink it from the bios.

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You will not be able to overclock any of the ASUS -vm boards by very much -- prob 20% max, often much less.


In Bios, Set the PCI Express speed to 118 (usually the best top value)


On the same page in BIOS setup, there should be a setting for PCI speed, to link the the PCI and PCI-E speed, or set the PCI speed separately. This is probably not the cause of your problem, but set the PCI independently to 33.3


If you can get increase the FSB value from 200 to more than 220 and have the system boot, consider yourself lucky. Most people cannot get much more with this board -- or any other -VM version board. The integrated graphics kill the overclock ability of this chip set. Search the web, and you will find plenty of testimony to this.


You will do better booting to windows while playing with this -- More overclocking tests available in Windows to test the overclock stability.

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