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  1. some updates on the issue Supreme Election Committee has accepted AKP's demands on recounting votes in one district of İstanbul, while denying CHP's demands in another district. Way to go on being impartial. This commission whose sole purpose is to make sure elections are fair have done a terrible job since the beginning of the campaign process. AKP has been allowed to use government funds and resources during the election process, all objections regarding this matter has been ignored by this crappy institution. Even have one first hand information on this issue now. On the night of the election, my cousins were touring with their car around the block to look out for such potential mischief since the last election wasn't particularly clean either. They have caught one guy with a bag full of ballots, turned him over to the police. They went to the station the next day to check on the situation and the police denied ever capturing or charging such a guy. Perhaps they were lucky that the police didn't arrest them instead. Other reports similar are being exposed in the press the past few days. Another form of fascism has been invented and unfortunately it has all the international support it can ask for.
  2. AKP, the ruling party, conservative and religious, was expected to win most of the major cities in local elections prior to election day (Sunday 29). However when we watched the election specials on many different channels as more and more boxes from the two major cities (Ankara and Istanbul) opened and the votes were counted it showed that the race was gong to be a very close one between AKP and CHP. As is the case with most elections in Turkey, most of the conservative voters cast their ballots early in the morning since they wake up early each day for prayer, even on sundays. At one point almost 50% of all the votes were counted in major citites and the 2-3% gap was closing by the hour. Then this happened. The electronic infrastructure of the supreme election committee (YSK in Turkish) collapsed. Data input from local centers were halted. Power outages in Ankara and Istanbul where ballots were continuing to be counted struck these cities one after another. The municipalities of these two cities both belong to AKP, and the power companies, though private businesses on paper are closely tied with the municipalities. Many reports of stolen ballot boxes were given. Some contradictory data occured and was later removed on the YSK servers. Normally three obververs from each party are to be present when the boxes are opened and ballots are counted by all party representatives but the power outage has caused many boxes to be unattended. In Ankara where I live, most outages occured in districts that are pro CHP historically. This is seriously frightening as I feel this country is moving more and more towards fascism. This sort of {censored} is happening all the time as just recently a 14 year old teenager has filed a lawsuit claiming he was dragged into the bus of the prime minister after shouting insults because his father was laid off recently. He had bruises on his body and he specifically testified that the prime minister has violently grabbed his neck and pushed him to the ground. This is just an indication of how the prime minister reacts to criticism, even when it comes from a 14 year old. Another man who was previously questioned by the police for verbally disagreeing with the prime minister when he was on an election tour a couple years ago was detained in his home for a day when the pm visited the same city for his election tour this year. The poor guy and his mother were insulted by the pm two years before and now he is detained by the police even when it was him who really got insulted and dissed by the pm initially. I am asking anyone on these boards to take all news on turkey in the international media with a grain of salt. US is very supportive of AKP and played an important role in their rise to power. Most media in the US reflects AKP's rule as very democratic and generally in a very good light. Believe me this is not the case. They are crushing the opposition with every means including tapping phones, using media networks that they have sold to businessman connected with the AKP after these networks were nationalized for their debts. The corporation who bought ATV, a major network in Turkey, used credit from state owned bank to the amount of nearly a billion dollars. Other businessman have confessed to being threatened by the prime minister so they would not enter the bidding process. A huge lawsuit was launched in which many critics of the AKP rule were arrested of being involved in a conspiracy that aimed at a military coup. tons of documents like voice files etc. were leaked to the pro AKP media that showed the detained members of opposition in a bad light. Their personal lives were made a part of the investigation, they were detained for months and months without officially being charged and the wickedness goes on and on... The list of the detained includes journalists, union leaders, members of left wing ngo's and even a police chief that has disclosed a pro-islamist framework within the police force. They have just installed a digital infrastructure which allows ministry of justice to follow each and every case in court instantly which gives them direct power over judicial matters and is a huge blow to judicial system of turkey. Each judge is now under surveillance with the click of a button. As I said before please keep an eye on us. It is becoming more and more obvious that Turkey is being dragged in to a mild islamic rule and our secular structure is under threat. We are a nation built on principle that religion should stay out of politics but unfortunately since the US backed coup of 1980, with strong and determined social engineering the nation has become more conservative and religious like the generals ordered religion classes to be mandatory and the government funded many religious schools in that era. It was clear they wanted Turkey on the green belt and used religion as means to fight communism. Now, US wants Turkey to be a mild islamist country because they feel it is the model all countries should follow in the middle east. Mild islam is the antidote to radical islam according to some idiots in Washington or CIA, I suppose. They probably also think that such nations are also easier to rule, pro-US governments would be easier to sustain and would bring more stability to the region in which radical islam is seen as the ultimate threat against stability.
  3. Yossicl, you only prove that you are a religious zealot by making religious references to defend your point hence my belief in the pathetic state of mind "the jew" is in the 21. century is once again strengthened. I am all in favor of a secular state where religious matters do not interfere with the everyday matters, in this case, an invasion, an unjustifiable military occupation and cold blooded murder of innocent civilians; but the ridiculous state of mind you must be in to think that all the people who oppose israel must be religious zealots like yourself, probably prevents you from seeing that people with depth beyond religious knowledge would stand against the horrible massacres and the continuous instability brought on by the state of Israel. Thus your defense which has become some idiotic one like "your book says it so you must accept it" is most invalid. There are millions of Turks, Arabs, Iranians, Kurds etc. in the middle-east who are not religious and do not view the world from a religious perspective even when they define themselves as Muslims. They all oppose Israel, they all want Israel to be diminished off the map. They would also agree that ultimately, if jews want to live in the middle east in peace, they must be forced to accept living under the rule of the rightful owners of the land. The matter at hand is of a social, political, economic and most of all a human rights issue. Admittedly there are many who approach it as a religious matter but unlike the public opinion of the west, jews are more inclined to see it that way not the other way around. My personal perspective on this issue has never been one of a jew vs muslim clash even though I have strongly detested jews in general from purely a political and historical point of view. For example, it fascinates me that we are constantly barraged with all this anti-nazi ww2 jewish propaganda movies being promoted to undeserving status of masterpieces when in fact all they are to me is a composition of histrionics, historically biased and inaccurate. Why is the pre-holocaust Germany and the role of the jews in undermining the German economy never depicted in these pictures ? Why is there fear being created among rational people to the point that being anti-israeli or anti-Zionist is is considered the same as being anti-semitic when this is not the truth ? Why is the western media (mostly owned by the jews) not showing even a tenth of the video footage we see of the kids whose flesh are burned with phosphor bombs, deprived of proper medical help ? Unfair is unfair, regardless of ethnicity, religion or political stand point. Some day Israeli's will be forced to accept this fact as well.
  4. ...as opposed to presenting highly intellectual arguments backed up by solid facts like you do, right ? oh how the land of milk and honey continuously spawns parochial offspring.
  5. She might be smart, but as most israelis are, she is probably also a racist, a religious zealot and a cold blooded murderer. "Forcing us to kill their children"... I guess the jews forced the nazis to make soap out of them as well. if only they have done a better job at it
  6. Forgot to add this : Israel is not a democracy. People are put to prison for protesting the government or refusing to fight a war they do not believe in. Israel is a state which disrespects basic human rights by killing infants, destroying people's homes, imprisoning them in ghettos. You sir are living in a make-believe world which is about as close to the truth as one sees the world when tripping on acid.
  7. Maybe Iran was, but the people of Iran weren't. Neither were the people of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc. I was chatting up a German friend after the incident and neither him nor I was particularly disgusted or appalled with the attacks. That is not to say people enjoy other people getting killed. To sum it up, where democratic governments don't exist, you better not take the governments "formal" condolences from them as a sincere and genuine reflection of the view of their people. You seem to have the situation completely backwards which isn't surprising considering how the general population of US is poorly educated where it really matters and have a tendency to accept every stupid frame of information they watch on TV. Get this for a fact, Muslim world has never attacked US in the way you Americans have been thought to believe. Muslims all over the world are not in any way against US for being US, there is not a religious war, there is not an ideological war, there is an opposition to US foreign policy regarding their own countries. Now, lets take a look at what US has forced on the Muslim and non-Muslim people of the middle east to cause this discontent. It has supported Israel and it's fascistic murderous ways for the past half century, elected not only governments but also kings (king of Jordan rings any bells ?). The last statement alone is enough to prove the hypocrisy the US has shown by saying they wanted to bring democracy to Iraq. To continue, it has forced the petrodollar on the oil producing countries, supported bloody coups, terrorist organizations etc. From where I stand, it seems like the Muslim people of the world would legitimately be defending themselves against the US if they were to decide to attack US. You and all your stupid orientalist views do not change this fact. So your excuse is : "Others have done worse which justifies our horrible deeds". Well done. How does it feel to live with a syndrome that causes you to be consistently wrong. The problems (corruption, inefficiency etc.) do have internal reasons as well as external reasons. Let me explain it simply by this Saudi Arabia example which can be applied to Muslim countries in general. I know Americans tend to look at all middle eastern people as camel jockeys but the people of Saudi Arabia are in general just as politically aware as the people of US, the intellectuals of Saudi Arabia are just as smart and well informed of the world affairs as their US counterparts. The prime difference which determines the way of life for these people is the government in power which is ultimately supported by.....guess what, the US of A. Lets see what happens when other political movements which aren't pro-capitalist, pro-american begin to gain the tiniest bit of support. They are oppressed, forced to become marginalized, put away to prison. They are forced to continue their struggle the only way they can, by taking up arms. The "west" calls them terrorists, they would have called them "freedom fighters" if they were pro-american militants in an anti-american country. The guns used to fight off any opposition is supplied by US, the army used to fight the opposition is trained by US, the propaganda methods used to defame and insult the opposition is provided by the US. So there is the truth for you, US does whatever it can (which is quite a bit considering the funds US spares for CIA and it's army, the two weapons in it's arsenal to achieve it's goals.) to make sure the government of any given country will behave in the best interest of the US where economic, political and foreign policies are concerned. It doesn't just wish it happen either, it uses all the methods it can actively. People of these countries, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon etc., muslim, jewish and christian alike want democracy but when they ask for it they face a fascistic government backed up by US. At the end of the day, there are people in these countries who benefit from the power they have by cooperating with the US, like the royal family of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia but the power that keeps them in charge is of external origin. I am not claiming that an external power can determine all of what goes on in a country but a powerful external influence might just be the weight needed to tip the scale one way and keep it there. People know this, thus the anti-american sentiment grows further among these nations. Some express it in forms of religious extremism which exaggerated by media purposefully might fool you into thinking that the resentment is of a religious source when it is not. What are you, a juvenile. Your pathetic excuse of an army couldn't even handle the tiny north Vietnamese army. How about Iraq, your soldiers look like puppets swung into the air after IED explosions ? Isn't that embarrassing to watch when you claim to have the power to invade the world ? How about starting small like Luxembourg or San Marino and work your way up from there. US army is overrated and the past half century is full of examples to prove it. Invading a country meter by meter is not the same thing as destroying it's armies in a conventional war and you americans have learned that the hard way. Besides, your economy is overrated too, it has flunked how many times in the last century, like 6-7 times ? All of this goes to show that a world invasion is just a rednecks wetdream and nothing more. Do I look like a {censored} imperialist to you ? Why do you try to justify the {censored} US pulls all around the world by giving examples of other imperialist nations ? I have stated what I think of US imperialist foreign policies and it won't change unless you come up with a better excuse. WHO THE HELL HAS THREATENED YOUR INTERESTS AS LONG AS THEY ARE CONFINED TO YOUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY. IT IS YOUR FOREIGN POLICY SINCE THE WW2 THAT HAS GOTTEN YOU IN THIS HOLE THAT YOU DESPERATELY SEEK YOUR WAY OUT OF. A FxCKED UP ECONOMY, WORLD WIDE RESENTMENT, FASCISTIC LAWS THAT CLAIM TO PROTECT YOU FROM A NON-EXISTENT ENEMY... THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. Why the hell should we let you sell us stuff when you have quotas on everything. We have the right to protect our economy the way you do as free people. It is up to us to decide our foreign economic policies you arrogant piece of work. Pretend to be democracies ? Since when does US care about democracy ? Why is US best buddies with Saudi Arabia, cause they are democratic ? I guess this is why you supported fascist dictators in the South America cause you all love democracy so much ? Americans' view of democracy is so twisted yet they act like they have a damn patent on democracy. I think of America as an undemocratic country so your opinion on the issue is worthless to me. You must be the slowest literate person in the world. I have never claimed that people of america have gained from war. On the contrary the fact that your government has been able to support a war that made a few people closely linked to them richer while making you poorer just goes to say a lot about what kind of a democracy you are living in. You as a citizen might be negatively effected by the high price of oil but the oil companies of your country that also spend a ton of money lobbying and supporting election campaigns aren't. You seem to have this silly notion that your "democratically" elected governments are working for your best interest at all times. Your elected leaders give more a damn about Chevron than they you because at the end of the day Chevron pays for their bills come election time, not you. I hope this hasn't been a harsh learning process for you.
  8. How would you suggest people would reason with a military power which have exploited their country, has supported regional wars, overthrown legitimate governments, assasinated democratically elected leaders etc. ? USA is a corrupt country, it has done terrible things that led to deaths of millions of civilians all over the world for economic profits. Such is that I don't really think 9/11 is regarded as a tragedy by the majority of the world's population. If anything, most people would argue it was long overdue. To sum it up, I agree with your last sentence, only looking at the situation from my own perspective which defines the problem as USA not it's enemies.
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    South Ossetia

    I admit to rushing to conclusions on the teacher aspect of education, mostly because I was reflecting on the situation where I live, Turkey. Here, a good teacher can earn a lot of money in private establishments which are not schools but are specifically focused on preparing kids to specific exams issued by the central government. For example there is a single exam which determines the university the student will attend: OSS (student selection examination). Since the public schools are horrible and the moronic teachers can't teach even if their lives depended on it, families tend to pay huge sums of money for these establishments to prepare their children for such exams. Any decent teacher with half a brain can earn in a single month, a few months worth of public school salary and this number easily doubles with a handful private tutored students. The bottom line is, private schools are for people who have more money and their students are statistically more successful in college acceptance therefore people who do not have the money to go to a private school have less of a chance to go to college by comparison. This is not my biased opinion, it's just a few random facts followed by one other. The same is true here in Turkey where average income is much lower compared to USA but the private school fees are almost just as high. IMHO, money has no place in education and all students should have equal opportunity to progress in their academic lives irrespective of their parents income levels.
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    South Ossetia

    What has changed with "regulated" capitalism ? quoting wikipedia Apparently nothing. About schools, I never claimed that in USA one can't go to a school and be educated. But I would presume it's common knowledge by now that private schools and/or schools that are in wealthier districts have better teachers, better equipment, libraries, lower student/teacher ratio so if you have money and can go to private school or the school in your rich predominantly white suburban neighborhood which is better than the ones in the slums of the city, you get a better education thus you have been given an "unfair" advantage over many other people who might be smarter yet without proper education will never be able to shine in maths or other subjects. People who have money can have private tutors, access to computers with internet connection, heck, even living in a better environment like having your own room or not worrying about your next meal does affect your academic success. Academic success which determines the kind of colleges one can be accepted to, so there is no way in freaking hell that I can agree with your conclusion, the issue is about fairness, not about remote possibilities of someone being able to do something if they are "dedicated" enough. People shouldn't have to work harder just because they are underprivileged, all schools should be public and one should only be able to go to a certain school only if one can prove that they deserve to be there not because their parents can afford an expensive house in a good school district. I think this benefits everybody since smarter people will prevail to have the crucial jobs, meaning better doctors, better detectives, better scientists, better engineers and last but not least better politicians I know a little bit about the education in Germany and I totally agree with you there, two of my cousins grew up in Munich and went to university there and it's one of the best systems I have ever seen and in terms of fairness, it is the best I have seen so far. as I said before it's not about possibilities, it's about the odds which are tilting in favor of the wealthy more and more... I am quite sure you are outraged by the patriot act and you should be. I am not an american citizen and I am bloody pissed myself. The hypocrisy of the thing alone makes me sick. Attacking a sovereign nation, killing civilians with claims of bringing democracy and completely violating these ideals against american people. It's truly unjustifiable and I hope Bush will be put on trial and be convicted for this. Anyway, you can protest all you want but as long as the act is there to stay, the will of the people goes unheard which is not much different than in Russia or any other police state around the world.
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    South Ossetia

    First of all where the hell did my last message go ? what the hell is going on ? Can somebody PM me my last post showing what has been found so offensive that it had to be removed. It's been a while but I'm pretty sure I posted something as a reply a few hours ago. It's either that or I had a little bit too much rakı to drink tonight. Anglo-Saxon system is what I refer to as the current college system that is used in countries like US and GBR. By system I mean the way a university is organized such as having a dean etc. and the curriculum being based on western methodology of teaching and western thought in general. I haven't intended it as you perceived it. It is meant to generalize colleges like harvard, oxford, stanford etc... for this question to be valid, a single person must at least accept that capitalism is fair. you haven't -you won't be able to- give a single reason why capitalism is fair because by nature it's not. Why is it called "capitalism" because the system depends on "capital" and there are people who have it and there are people who don't. Those who have it ultimately have an "unfair" advantage over those who don't because everything in this system is based on how much money you have. Money determines whether you will be educated properly, whether your health will be taken care of properly and whether daddy can pull strings to get you a high paying job as a redundant carpet holder. Was it George Washington's or Abraham Lincoln's ? You obviously haven't understood a word I said. I will try to explain in simpler historical facts. USSR and USA post WW2 became more interested in a competition with each other over who was more successful yet for both sides the winning criteria wasn't who made their people happier. It was about how powerful of an image each country posed to the rest of the world. Both sides kept producing more nuclear weapons despite the fact that they could already wipe out the world clean a couple times and more. It was a game of numbers, military exercises causing erections on patriotic {censored} and neither government had valid reasons to spend all that money on weapons considering a war in the era of the mushroom cloud ultimately meant total destruction on both sides. Wake up, take a dump, wash your face and smell the import Colombian coffee and see who ultimately benefited from the cold war. Unsuccessful, pathetic governments on both sides relying on the blinding paranoia to see all their wrong doings go unnoticed because people who criticized were easily tagged as commies, fascists so anyone with the balls to oppose false policies could be eliminated and such actions could easily be justified to the terrified masses because fear makes people turn a blind eye. (This is what is happening in your country now if you haven't noticed) Intelligence agencies, military etc. received huge amounts of funds which would otherwise be considered excessive expenditures in peace times. The list goes on and on. USSR was not even a half-assed implementation of a socialist regime yet they claimed they were defending and upholding socialist ideals. Just like all the governments of the USA , USSR leaders only cared about holding power among a select few and making sure masses did what they were told to do. Failure of the USSR was just that, failure of the USSR. It can not be interpreted as the failure of the socialist ideals and it takes nothing from the greatness of them in my opinion. There are two methods to control the masses. 1- By force which usually means civilian rights being violated 2- By brainwashing propaganda No 1 was used by US against anything it regarded as a threat to the status quo. Afro-american civil rights movement, socialists/communists, members of the anti-war movement during the 60s and 70s. You might recall shooting of college students, bashing of heads. Do you think police brutality in the US consists of isolated events. Can't you see a pattern throughout recent history? Patriot act is nothing but a cowardly way of establishing fascistic power over anyone who might be regarded as a threat to national security. Don't you care for the civilian rights of the many people that I mentioned above or anyone who has been stripped of their dignity as a direct result of the patriot act? You think you are free and the Russians are not ? No 2 is being used in everyday regular TV, horse{censored} shows like 24, dumbass movies like "on native soil" and whatnot, newspapers etc... From the moment you were born, you are subjected to the ideals of the society you live in, what it means to be a good citizen, how one should be a patriot is being fed to you by the system in any method it can. This is called social engineering and is a method widely used on masses. Believe me, if threatened, your "beloved capitalist wonderland" will use an abundant amount force to take away more civilian rights before you can shout democracy. You are already under surveillance thanks to the patriot act and I don't think things are looking bright for the average joe in US of A as far as civil rights are concerned. Every system has self-preserving methods built into them, the question is where you draw the line between preserving the system and upholding ideals of basic human rights. edit : apologize if I diverted the subject with my last posts, I would gladly stop so the topic gets back on track : South Ossetia
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    South Ossetia

    Just to clarify another thing : socialist governments have usually been quite successful towards achieving their goals, the problem lies in the fact that their goals have never really been what they claimed publicly. For USSR, to have military strength and a better image than US was more important than the welfare of it's people. The same can successfully be argued against US imho. Otherwise they wouldn't have invaded iraq at the expense of it's people's tax dollars and more importantly the lives of the sons/daughters of the middle and lower class citizens. I don't think any son/daughter of the owners of the defence corporations benefiting from the war were harmed because of the invasion. In fact their birthday gifts just got upgraded from the V8 to the V12.
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    South Ossetia

    What a load of , my guess is a typical example of run of the mill anglo-saxon college graduate. Poor pathetic minds filled with poor pathetic ideas.
  14. This music is being played in a turkish sports channel during top 10 goal countdowns. It almost became a phenomenon so that literally hundreds of people have been asking the name of the song over many different forums. here is the link to the song http://www.imeem.com/people/tN56ps/music/4...llok_soft_1mp3/ thanks
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    Overclocking The Processor

    It's a very odd shot since most new chipsets have fsb independent pci-e bus. Try the first two steps first, if not send me a link to your motherboards manual and I will take a look.