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  1. Few Problems

  2. Backup

    Thnx for the reply..But I'll prefer a software rather than using the terminal.. I have downloaded both Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper..Gonna try them both..
  3. Backup

    Thnx .. Will try them out... BTW any other good alternatives..?
  4. Few Problems

    Hmm..I hope that we'll get a solution for the sleep problem... BTW Thanx for the update of VoodooHDA...
  5. MX518

    USB OverDrive works fine.. :-)
  6. Backup

    Guys which is the best software to have a complete backup image of my Mac drive? Like there are norton ghost or acronis for windows...Which one should I use for Mac? Plz dont tell me TimeMachine will do the work..I want a backup which I can keep at a different place ..Like in condition if my Hard disk gets bad or if I have to format my drive....then I can easily restore the image to the new Hard disk to get a perfect Mac I had ...
  7. Few Problems

    AHCI Port Injector didnt work.. Can somebody help me with DSDT Sata patches..?
  8. MX518

    I used SteerMouse...But the buttons for changing the DPI are not working...How to get them working?
  9. MX518

    I have installed Snow Leopard updated to 10.6.2 on my PC.. I am having Logitech MX518 but its forward/backward button and windows flip button wasnt working..So, I tried installing LCC 3.1 ..But it didnt detect the mouse.. So, Is there any fix or any alternative driver or something for it ?
  10. Parallels 5

    ..Oh..Thanks for the reply..
  11. Parallels 5

    I tried installing Parallels 5 on my Snow Leopard..But it showed that it can only be run on hardware virtualization supported hardware... Is there any way I can run it?
  12. Few Problems

    Okk..Thnx..Gonna try that kext.. BTW Plz help me with my other problems too...
  13. Few Problems

    Oh... Thats why... BTW I am not much concerened with AHCI.. Help me with my other problems..
  14. Few Problems

    I have the latest BIOS ..but there is no such option for me ...
  15. Few Problems

    Oh srry..Its for the Jmicron controller only..