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need to know where to download...

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I'm looking for the newest uphuck download or something that works just as good

all i know is i've heard good things about uphuck?

i have a sony vaio laptop with built-in wireless card

i've had osx86 installed before don't remember who it was by but

i had to have the cd in for it to boot

and my wireless didn't work

and it didn't have garage band

any help would be great!

thanks :D

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No links to torrents in this forum


Search for "whatever iso name e.g. uphuck" torrent on google :D


Also, for your wireless you probably need some sort of driver, I'm not surprised if it didn't work out of the box. And GarageBand comes with iLife and iLife isn't included with ANY Leopard DVD, not even an Apple retail disc. You either get it preinstalled on a new mac or you need to buy it :)

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