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  1. Justin-

    Kext´s for Nvidia GTS250?

    Your graphics card looks fine. I would advise you to use a Gigabyte motherboard, as they are pretty much hassle-free when it comes to OSX. OSX is pretty agnostic to the rest of the stuff. It should work without a hitch. Good luck with your build!
  2. Justin-

    World of Warcraft and 8800 GTS

    Just so you all know, GLL is fixed and runs much better than OpenGL now.
  3. Justin-

    How to clone a Snowie drive?

    Clonezilla works extremely well for this purpose and you do not have to reinstall the bootloader.
  4. Justin-

    Does your SL really work ok

    Yeah, actually, I can. Only differences would be I only have one graphics card, one monitor, and one dvd drive, but other than that, I have done all these things at the same time on my Snow Leopard install. lol
  5. I'm experiencing a kernel panic on boot with the setup in my sig coupled with the Voodoo2 alpha. I look forward to a time when I can use the Voodoo2 kernel!
  6. Justin-

    Asus M50VM-No osx86 distro works.

    Bump I'm having this same issue with my Asus M50VM. I've googled and tried the fixes I've seen, but with no success. Can someone clear this up please?
  7. Justin-

    WoW FPS issue (hackintosh)

    I'm having an issue in WoW where when I turn my view angle drastically, my fps drops by about 60 and then goes back up to about 70-80. I'm finding it quite infuriating. Any help that can be provided is appreciated! Also, will my performance improve using EFI strings over NVInject?
  8. Justin-

    Which mobo should I buy?

    In all honesty, life is about 1000x easier if you use Intel.
  9. No, the freezing does not result in a kernel panic. Also, the two hard drives in soft-raid are unplugged. The raid controller is turned on in bios, but I shut off raid on all the ports.
  10. Justin-

    Incorrect speed - please help!

    I also have an issue with incorrect reporting. My speed was reporting correctly until I updated to 10.5.6, and now it's reporting as 200 mHz. My specs are in my signature. It'd be greatly appreciated if someone could shine some light on this issue that's plaguing me. I just downloaded CPU-X, and it appears that it is detecting the wrong multiplier (should be 9.0, is 0.5). CPU-X screenshot below.
  11. I broke down today and bought an Apple USB ethernet adapter. I am now running with all 4 cores pretty near flawlessly. I am now able to confirm that this was a multi-core issue and am running WoW perfectly.
  12. Justin-

    nForce LAN driver

    Happy to report that disabling HPET has solved the freezing issue on my eVGA 680i A1 motherboard. Thanks, eno! Your driver is much appreciated.
  13. I'm having this same issue. Can anyone else confirm that this is a multi-core issue? I'm running with cpus=1 right now for the sake of keeping my network connected and stable. My OSX86 machine specs: eVGA 680i Intel q6600 2gb 667mHz ram eVGA 8800GTS 640mb I'll be working toward networking stability with all four cores enabled over the next few days, but in the meantime, it'd be great to have some confirmation that this is the issue.
  14. I'm happy to report that I share in your success using my eVGA 680i board with iDeneb 1.3. Options used: 9.4 Stage kernel applenforceata NVKush Nice easy install.