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Can anyone post the ADMTek AN983 kext?


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I've tried to "make" the kext file from "tulip" but i've realized that the "make" command doesn't exist in leopard console...

Here it is, I posted it years ago with 10.4.3. Still using it with 10.5.2.



There is a link to source code. Its on SourceForge. I did not write it.


I have edited info.plist to include all the tulip cards I am aware of. However, you might possibly have to add your device id.


You can't use make like you do in FreeBSD or Linux. You have to use XCode tools.


This is a Tiger kext. To compile it in Leopard with XCode Tools 3.0 (I have done it) you have to compile it as a Tiger kext.


Rewriting it as a Leopard kext would be a wonderful idea, but its way beyond my skill level.

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