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HELP:how to use PS/2 keyboard& mouse?


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i found a personal solution to that and that is boot off the dvd

press f8 type in rd=diskXsY disk x is the number of the disc if u have 1 its 0 y is the partition number u installed to

zephs dvd will load up the ps2 keyboard/mouse kexts

then u have to go to



login as root

cd /volumes/installdvdname/system/library/extensions/

cm -R appleps2controller.kext /volumes/leopardhdd/system/library/extensions/

chown -R root:wheel /volumes/leopardhdd/system/library/extensions/

reboot with -f in darwin loader

shuld work fine


or option 2 borrow a usb keyboard/mouse from friend

somebody else know a diffrent way?? :)

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oh......I think i can't do that coz I don't know so much linux (unix) orders

do u mean i can copy The file for ps2 from the install DVD?

I think i will choose the second way^_^

and can u tell me ur MSN or IRC or ICQ or AOL or QQ name ?(if u have)

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