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  1. Did you need to do anything special to get it to work? I have the Rampage 3X and it installs if I use AHCIPortsInjector but fails to boot from hard drive.
  2. The real news is the unsaid. Apple has changed it's position on 64-bit. I'm running the retail now and 64-bit is NOT default, in fact its bad enough that Snow Leopard contains a 32-bit kernel. They said that 10.6 would be 100% 64-bit and it's not. If you can't even support 64-bit on my brand new MacBook Pro 13" then there is no hope.
  3. This definitely isn't the GM release. Full of bugs and doesn't enable 64 on all intel machines.
  4. This is not the GM. Or at least I hope it's not or theres going to be a lot of very unhappy apple fans.
  5. scottishduck

    Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    OP is an idiot. 2D performance is better thanks to Direct2D. Oh and there is another little thing. You are talking about an unreleased OS. Snow Leopard on my Macbook Pro isn't exactly great either. I know this is a Mac forum but I don't see the need for blind bias.
  6. scottishduck

    SOS! I submited registration to Apple

    Must have been Nigerian Apple.
  7. scottishduck

    [SELL] Macbook Unibody (no fw)

    The same thing sells for $1000 on ebay, with 4GB of RAM. You have no chance of selling that.
  8. scottishduck

    FS: Officially Unlocked iPhones 3GS

    Noone will buy a phone for 800.
  9. scottishduck

    No more Nvidia in Mac

    They're not going to put ATi chips in Macs, they get hot enough already.
  10. scottishduck

    The Apple Slap

    "Microshaft". You must have a boner after saying that, you are SO edgy. Oh and for the record, they increased the price of the 13".
  11. scottishduck

    How Windows Can Be Fixed

    HURR Windows is broken DERP OSX is da best. I don't even know where to begin. For one, Windows Vista/7 are more secure than OSX. Also the registry doesn't slow anything down, it's just a reference for the system and is tiny.
  12. scottishduck

    Apple iPod Games CRACKED!

    Cracking apps has been easy for what, 2 years?
  13. scottishduck

    Why Linux is not (yet) Ready for the Desktop

    While I admit that the term zealots was a bit far, it is always the case that the loudest people are the ones you notice. When you look at ubuntu they have a good thing going in their forums, they help people on ANY OS and they are patient with newbies. Problem is that Linux is an OS that as you become accustomed to it, you begin to try and get a taste of that "customisation". For me that led to Arch/Gentoo. For Arch I have nothing but praise, the devs are friendly, the community is patient and all-in-all, if you can follow instructions you can do it. Gentoo, on the other hand, poor documentation, hostile devs and forums. You will find with the gentoo crowd that they simply tell people to "go use Ubuntu or Fedora or some {censored} newbie OS". Now obviously you might say that theres not a lot of people going to gentoo, but the fact is that people do and they meet these zealots and they tell people Linux fans are idiots. We nerds are a fickle bunch and it doesn't take a lot to start an argument. As for your words on Windows 7. As far as I see it, Linux has abandoned it's full-on push to support the server market and instead seems to be playing a game of catch-up with Apple and MS. It's sad to see the developers basically waiting to see what comes out of Redmond and Cupertino so they can copy it. Linux needs to refind it's revolutionary flair and make an OS that is different and with thing people actually want, rather that saying "its open source" and thats it.
  14. scottishduck

    Why Linux is not (yet) Ready for the Desktop

    There are so many boundaries I don't even know where to start. 1. The community: full of zealots who reject beginners. 2. The programmers: so fond of code splits that the thought of OS consistency is laughable. 3. Hardware management: In some areas linux is years behind, graphics in particular is simply terrible. To the poster above. Drop the M$ and grow the {censored} up. Secondly, DO NOT refer to it as GNU/Linux. Richard Stallman may be trying to once again take credit for something he has no part in, but Linus Torvalds made it very clear he is not affiliated with GNU.
  15. scottishduck

    stupid 10.5.7

    Oh my god you guys you are so silly. Mac doesn't have bugs, it just works