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help me get my windows vista installation back!

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In a frenzy to use Leopard on my PC, I didn't thoroughly read throught the bootloader instructions. I have vista as my primary OS, and I selected drive 0 and then hit partition 1, which was my vista partition. I said yes I'm sure, blah blah blah, now I can't get back into Windows! I popped in the windows disc but it didn't find any windows OS installs. It let me continue though, and hit I repair but it just sat for a long time and then said it can't help and I should report it to microsoft. I tried hitting system restore, but it didn't come up with any restore points even though I do have some. What can I do to get back into Vista? Help please!


EDIT: I'm getting HFS+ partition error btw.


Also, hardware is as follows:


CPU: Intel C2D e6300


GPU: VisionTek ATi HD3870

PSU: Ultra 500 watt

HDD: 1x250gb 7200.10 SATA HDD

RAM: 2x2gb Patriot DDR2 800 Dual Channel


LCD: 37" Sceptre @ 1920x1080

AUDIO: Plantronics DSP-500 Headset

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hmm... maybe if you can find a win98 boot disc, or Hiren's Boot Disk, you might be able to repair the vista, as long as you haven't deleted any of the actual data on the hdd. i think what you did was make a mistake and attempt to install the darwin bootloader to the vista hdd, which is, as you said, not what you wanted to do.


possible solution: in win98 bootdisk, or any disk capable of running command: "fdisk /mbr" on the desired drive (without the quotes). i hear that 'fixmbr' might work from a windows console, w/e that is...


good luck!

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