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Bootloader question


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Hi, and thanks for the great forum!


I have Vista and Ubuntu 7.10 currently installed on my PC, and am considering trying installing OSX86.


I have a Core 2 Duo processor, the computer is: HP Pavilion 1654n


So I think the Kalyway patched 10.5.1 OSX86 Install DVD is the most reliable, but correct me if I am wrong.


My question: how do I keep the Ubuntu GRUB bootloader, and not permit the OSX86 installation to install its own bootloader. (I want to triple boot)


I haven't tried installing yet, because I don't want to take uneccesary chances...


I am planning to install OSX86 on a different SATA drive than Windows and Linux are on.


Thanks for helping a NOOB!

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yes use kalyway and then make sure to click customize and not choose any bootloaders...

Neither mbr nor guid


after that u should be able to keep grub, make sure u have an extra partition though.


Then dont play around with the mbr , tri boot is very unstable (most of the time)

i tried it and had to reinstall my leopard


tell us if it works..

good luk

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I'm exactly in the same case, using both Mandriva and Windows and about to install Mac OS. Since I wanna keep grub, ill try to follow your advices.

But I'm on a laptop, and I read somewhere that you cant install Mac OS on the same hard drive as xp/linux, even if there are different partitions. Is this true ?

Otherwise, is it possible to put Mac OS on an external drive ?




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I'm using easybcd to boot my vista,linux(backtrack),osx86.I didnt write my linux(using lilo) to the mbr and then used easybcd (neogrub) point to my linux install.Get a copy of superGrub in case of can help boot into linux and windows if things go wrong.

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