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  1. Try ctrl + power button works ok
  2. https://github.com/pternol/ATI-Kext-Utility
  3. I've got a Atheros AR5B91 I'm looking to turn power management off. On battery the card works fine but soon as i plug in my power adapter wifi is knocked off and finds no networks. It seems my bios doesn't like Atheros card's (tried a few) it's the same in linux but if i It works fine in linux. My only other option is find a broadcom card compatible with mavericks as broadcom cards don't seem to have this problem with my bios.
  4. meknb

    Is this PC good for install Niresh?

    Try search or look in the guides this site is full of them.
  5. meknb

    Acer E1-572G-...Dnkk DSDT Help!

    I think you just need to disassemble just the dsdt/ssdt
  6. meknb

    Is this PC good for install Niresh?

    The spec's are ok but distro's aren't good, best with a vanilla install.
  7. meknb

    BCM94312HMG Mavericks

    I've a BCM94312HMG which works fine with Mountain Lion. I thought i'd try Mavericks I was wondering if anyone had this card working properly in Mavericks. The only way i can get it working is use the kext from Mountain Lion and replace /usr/libexec/airportd and connect via assist me, as the wifi icon just give's me the beach ball never shows any networks. If i don't replace airportd it scans fine but it won't connect to wpa networks just times out in a instant, it's ok with wep and open networks.
  8. meknb

    Dell Inspiron N4030 DSDT Help

    You will have to use vga monitor to setup and install mavericks. You can switch primary screen once installed.
  9. meknb

    PiPO W1

    It's a baytrail cpu so thats the first hurdle pretty much a updated atom,
  10. meknb

    2 x RTL8187B in one PC

    Cant you disable the internal one in the bios?
  11. It could be the suspicious sector ?? The only time I've had trouble with partition tables is with bootcamp which i fixed with rEFIt can't remember how though, but i think rEFIt users GPT disk so it might be worth a look http://sourceforge.n...jects/gptfdisk/ Another thread which might be of some use to you ??? http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1405449
  12. What about your partition tables are they ok?? sudo gpt -r show disk0 ##or the disk you want to check sudo fdisk /dev/rdisk0
  13. You might want to check your extra/ isn't on your efi partition or your boot loader is installed on it ? diskutil list ## To find your efi partition mkdir /Volumes/efi sudo mount_hfs /dev/disk0sX /Volumes/EFI ##change you disk to the one your efi is on
  14. The only time i've seen this on a mac is a failing disk. You can try find out your smart status with this http://www.volitans-software.com/smart_utility.php you will have to install the sat smart driver to test usb drives.
  15. meknb

    High Cpu Temperatures

    Atiish I've cleaned you dsdt up 0 errors couple of warnings just m$ junk. You will have to patch it yourself as i don't know whats in your computer have a look with ioreg and patch with dsdtse or dsdt editor. Patch lpcb to keep temp down and also look at patching _Hot. dsdt.zip