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Darwin boots Vista as Default OS - How do I make it boot OS-X by default

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I have my PC set up to dual boot Vista X64 and OS-X 10.5.2. This is a kalyway 10.5.1 install using MBR EFI. The active partition is partition 1 which is my vista install. I used bcdedit to get it to multiboot to to Vista or OS-X.


When I select OS-X, I get the Darwin boot menu.


If I do nothing, it will boot back to the windows boot loader then boot windows.


If I hit F8, I see the folowing.


hd(0,1) Windows NTFS

hd(0,2) OS-X


I can arrow down to OS-X and hit enter and the system will boot OS-X.


How can I modify which OS Darwin uses for the default OS? I have read where others say it is impossible to get Darwin to boot Vista by default. For me, I can not get it to not boot Vista by default.


Any help?



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