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  1. is this a kernel panic?

    Easiest way to do this is with Transmac in windows. Then you can just browse to the folder and delete it and the kext cache.
  2. Sorry for lack of updates, work is literally taking all of my time. I am not sure when or if I will have the free time needed to actually complete another release. Thanks for all of the good words about the last one, will update whenever I can manage to get back to work on it.
  3. If I have time in the next week or so I plan on adding 10.5.3. Just time lately has been very short to work on anything. I will post an update once I make some progress(All I need to do at this point is integrate 10.5.3 and add a couple device drivers and update the video drivers again.
  4. Leo4Allv3

    Usually when people hang with some time remaining its because they have more then 2 GB of RAM. This can be fixed by either booting with 2 GB or with the bootflag maxmem=2048
  5. Leo4Allv3

    As I have stated many times, the issue stems from the lack of proper support for the chipset. If I put all the device ID's in the kexts it causes 50% of the people issues, if I put them in it gives the other 50% problems. Leaving them out tends to work better because you can force your IDE DVD drive to be seen with rd=disk#s# for most people. I would try this and see if it works(confirmed to work for some other SBXXX chipsets).
  6. Leo4Allv3

    try booting with the rd=disk#s# bootflag pointing to your DVD drive.
  7. Ok GreenTurtle, sent you a kext to try. I am trying to seperate support from AppleVIAATA so they both could be loaded at the same time and not conflict. This would make it easy to integrate as it would not break the install for alot of people with the lack of LBA and UDMA modes.
  8. I have something I want to try first before I update the DVD with this. Will email you Greenturtle with something(probably not till tomorrow). If it works I will integrate it on the DVD.
  9. Try running repair permissions if you haven't already. Sometimes something with an incorrect permissions can cause this. Another thing to check is that you don't have the option on to put disks to sleep, this will cause lockups on some systems.
  10. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Yours is probably linked to EFI issue for reboot. I know Kabyl was looking for another tester to some changes he made to the new EFI. Perhaps you can PM me your email I can get you setup for testing.
  11. I have some people testing right now, but am still waiting to finish some updates. I think AMD compatibility is working now in chameleon(new EFI) so I am hopeful to add this, will need to do some more testing first.
  12. I would suspect you did not install the chipset driver for you motherboard. Please reinstall with the chipset driver selected.
  13. yes. Just replace the # with the proper disk and partition number.
  14. Try booting with rd=disk#s# to point to your DVD drive. Sometimes this will get you past the initial waiting for root device message.
  15. Just FYI the PS2Nub needs to be removed from the Tiger Platform. It is part of the code of the Platform, it was not until Leopard that they removed PS2Nub support.