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Current OS: Vista 64 Bit

Processor: 2.0GHZ T7200 (64 BIT)

Memory: 2.0 GB (1GB x 2) DDR 2 PC5300

HDD's: 120GB x 2


Disk 0 Partition 1: Vista Installation

Disk 0 Partition 2: Data and Programs

Disk 1 Partition 1: OS X 10.5.1 Kalyway Installed.




Grub boot installed and working









As you can see i can view the Partition Table of the OS X installation. The installation was sucessful. But its just there. I cant figure out how to boot it or access it. :D .


The BIOS wont let me directly change the drive. I already updated the BIOS to the latest version.This is the result of my BIOS research. I CANNOT find anywhere that i can choose which hard drive to boot.










In addition to that this is the ESC Menu.




So is there anything that i can do about this? a program or efi configuration that can allow me to select drives? I have grub installed to the Vista boot loader and i can get to the GRUB command prompt. ive put in some command lines like


title OS X Leopard 10.5.1 (HD2,Part1)
root (hd1,1)
chainloader	+1

title OS X Leopard 10.5.1 (HD2,Part2)
root (hd1,2)
chainloader	+1

title Microsoft Windows Vista
root (hd0,0)
chainloader	+1


for GRUB but i just get an error saying the partition table is incorrect. Do you think that i need to get grub running BEFORE the Vista Boot Loader? how would i go about doing that keeping the vista boot loader intacted.

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I figured it out..


mike73059 I think we have the same laptop, if not then one really close.

I have the Hp9540...I am assuming that you have the dual drive setup as well?



I have vista on the C Partition (on disk0 or primary drive) and OSX on the D partition (on disk1 or secindary drive).


Vista aboots..but then I couldn't get to the osx partition to get it to boot.


Ended up just using easybcd to do it, their instructions are very non descript of how to install run a dual drive setup.


Basically what you need to do is use easybcd then add the X86 OSX option and set that to C:

It will install the bootlader onto your C: drive (yes the one with vista) to boot the osx partition.


I had been trying to set it to d:... the reason that doesn't work is that it is looking for the boot loader on the firggin primary drive and that selector has nothing to do with where the actual OSX installer is located.


Give that a whirl.

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Have you booted on this partition before?

Seems almost like the error indicates that the boot tabel on the OSX drive isn't there?


I had to take the drive that I wanted osx installed on, and physically put it in the bay for the C drive (drive0) then made sure it booted and then put it back into the secondary drive dock.

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No havent booted on it before. But the OSX installation was Sucessful. Should i start from the beginning? what are the steps you took to go through the installation? since you have the same laptop i guess i could mimic you. I've gotta go to a foo fighters concert tonight. so ill wait for you post and get back to you later today or tomrrow. thanks for the help kirby.

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you don't need grub with osx and vista only,

use chain0 is much more easier ,,,

just simply create a boot.ini as same as the xp one under vista partition,

add line = "c:\chain0=Mac" without quote,

and place chain in c:\

that should work like a charm!

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Ahh ok see I had the same problems when I first started out.


The absolute best way iz to remove the drive with vista on it, then move the secondary(the one you want osx on) to where the primary slot is in your hard drive.

For some reason loading osx in the secondary slot always failed for me..I dunno why but it just never worked.


Then ... and this is where it is a little weird, the only way I could ever get it to install and boot properly was,


Boot from the OSX disk, in my case the kalyway 10.5.1


When the part comes up to select the drive to install on, I went up and clicked on the Disk utility option in the menu above.

While in there you have to select the root of the drive not the partition, then a option on the right will show up to partition the drive.

In there you have to click the drop down (and here is where it is odd) click on 2 partitions, this will split it into two equal partitions, then click on the top partition and increase the size till only 2 gig remain on the bottom partition.


Below that menu there is another drop down to select the guid option, click that then click on the erase, partition, or whatever that tab is to finish up the screen.


Now go back and select you newly created partition, we'll get to what to do with the 2 gig part in a bit.


Now click the customize and click both vanilla options, and nothing else, for the boot oprion click the efi_guid.. then let her load up.


After the loading, make sure you can boot into OSX on your harddrive, boot up then shutdown.


Now remove the drive and replace it back into the secondary socket, put your vista drive back in, then that new entry in the bootloader that you created in easy bcd should work.


As for the 2 gig partition, I had to use partition magic to get it back...again it was weird but it was THE only way it would load for me.


Hope this helps

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And this didn't screw w/ the vista boot loader? remember i cant repair it. This sounds odd, but then again you have it working =P. thanks a lot I'm going to Glamis this weekend. ill try it out there then ill get back to you. Thanks again Kirby! ill be in touch. BTW I'm attempting to use Kalyway 10.5.1 too so were defiantly on the same track.

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Hey mike and kirby ive got a dv9572ea which i think is almost identical to your systems. im about to install OSX leopard on a partition of my secondary harddrive. im downloading the ToH RC2 version rather than the kalyway version any differences?? im gonna follow your steps anyhow. if i hit a road block do you mind helpin me out?



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