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Verizon Port Blocking

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I have verizon DSL, and apparently they block port 80. I am trying to run a webserver, and after weeks of trying to figure out why I couldn't acsess my site from outside my network, I discover the port is blocked. :( So, I want to know is it possible to somehow route the traffic around the block. Like someone types in myurl and DynDNS (i use them for dynamic dns) sends it from port 80 to anything else, then my router brings it from that other port to port 80. Is this even possible?

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no. i have the same problem, only i have comcast (they block port 80 as well). what i do is pick a different port to run it on. I use 8080 for mine. Do the nessisary port forwarding through your router, then in dynDNS, assign your IP address to one of their host service addresses. Then in your browser u would type http://yourURLhere.com:8080 (or whatever u port you choose to use). To hide the ugly :8080, i bought a real domain name from a site, and u can forward ur dynDNS url to it, so it masks it.

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Yes it is possible. You can use no-ip free, for example. (http://www.no-ip.com/)

Or like Jeezoflip wrote; you can redirect from a real domainname.

I reccomend redirection and not masking. Masking puts the site in a frame,

which is not a good option for old browsers, mobile browsers, and search engines. Poeple also wouldn't be able to save bookmarks.

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Hey All,

I have been trying to set up a device that needs to reach the internet behind an internal network. Let's call it a "small server". I have assigned the proper static IP, opened port 19740 for that static IP on the router, yet when I try to reach that destination http://myip:19740 it immediately says that the connection cannot be established with the server. Is it possible that Verizon is blocking all ports? At my house I have Verizon Avenue (subsidiary of Verizon DSL) and I was able to make all this work, yet when I try it in a different location/network (Verizon DSL) I have this issue. If I do a traceroute from my house it hangs on the 10th hop and never actually reaches the IP.

Any one have any ideas?

I appreciate the help!


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