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Logic Studio 8 says 43.9 GB will install. Only 23 GB was installed. Anyone know why?


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I have just installed Logic Studio 8.


It was onto a 250 GB hard drive with 160 GB of free space..


Half way through the pre-install process Logic presents a dialogue box that says it would need 43.9 GB of hard drive space.


What had been installed occupied 23 GB.


23GB is much less than the 43.9 GB that Logic said that it needed.


I had done the install properly according to the instructions.


Does this happen to everyone?


Is there some extra stuff that needs to be installed?


Anyone know what is happening?

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Did you install just the apps?




First of all I need to apologize as I used the wrong number. It should have been 43.9 GB, not 53 GB as I had typed originally.


Thank you for your question. I'm not 100% what was installed.

I believe that I installed everything.


I have just taken a screen shot of the list of items that Logic says it is going to install. This is the same as when I did the original install. It looks as if everything that it is possible to install is there.


That picture is attached to this message. Please double-click on it to show an expanded view.


By the way this is a picture of the install as if I am going to do it again. That is why it shows Space Required as being 0 bytes. So it does look like all those items were installed the first time.


Is there something missing?


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