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Booting Errors


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Hey friends! I'm back again, this time installing OS X 10.5 Kalyway on my laptop. With some of your help I got leoaprd to install onto my desktop, and now that I got my new laptop, I am trying to get it to work on it.


I managed to install Leopard fine, the problems come in when booting into it. I use grub to choose the option, and the first time I booted up I didn't use any flags, and it gave me the pretty "You must restart your computer" screen in like, 4 different languages. Okay, whatever, verbose time.


When I am not in safe mode (no -x) I get this message in start up:


SATA WARNING: Completing a zero block transfer


if I boot into safe mode I get:


phyWaitForAutoNegotiation TIMEOUT


I figure it has somethign to do with my hard drive, although I'm not sure what. So, does anyone have an explanation on how to get by these errors? I tried searching the forum but got some wierd error, so a point to the right thread would also be helpful. Thank you so much!


Computer specs:

Hp Pavilion dv9700

3 GB Ram

320 GB Hard drive (Western Digital, 2 X 160GB)

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.00 GHz

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hi, im having problems getting past the darwin bootloader. im using an Acer travelmate 2300, it ticks all the boxes in regards to SSE2.


I boot the DVD, get to the darwin bootloader screen, everything is fine at this point. When it tries to load the installer however it works for about 5 seconds, with text appearing on screen, then it crashes and restarts my laptop!! i have tried using the install disk on another computer, and it works perfectly. I have tried several things such as advance start up options, like Safe mode etc.. which all ultimately lead to the restart "loop". One thing that was interesting was, when i Typed "-F" into the darwin bootloader, it started working, and displayed a white screen with the apple logo, but then crashed again..... :)


i was wondering if anyone has any ideas? have i got it patched wrong? im using the ToHLeoX86 version of osX86.


is there any hope of this actually working for me?


please reply :(


or email luke_ellis99@hotmail.co.uk

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I'm having the same problem.... My next shot si going to be, naming my hard drive where the installation will be, without any special characters... this is pointed in this thread...




I named it Disk_001, in the appointed thread recommend to name it MAC or leopard (or something simple)

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