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  1. Mac OS X...on Consoles!

    Well the Ps3 has apparently been hacked...
  2. Unrecognized Partition Table on Vista Boot

    im having the exact same problem on my iMac. I think it happend because i installed XP service pack 1 first, then upgraded that to windows vista... its not a big problem, it just slows the booting time down
  3. Booting Errors

    hi, im having problems getting past the darwin bootloader. im using an Acer travelmate 2300, it ticks all the boxes in regards to SSE2. I boot the DVD, get to the darwin bootloader screen, everything is fine at this point. When it tries to load the installer however it works for about 5 seconds, with text appearing on screen, then it crashes and restarts my laptop!! i have tried using the install disk on another computer, and it works perfectly. I have tried several things such as advance start up options, like Safe mode etc.. which all ultimately lead to the restart "loop". One thing that was interesting was, when i Typed "-F" into the darwin bootloader, it started working, and displayed a white screen with the apple logo, but then crashed again..... i was wondering if anyone has any ideas? have i got it patched wrong? im using the ToHLeoX86 version of osX86. is there any hope of this actually working for me? please reply or email luke_ellis99@hotmail.co.uk