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  1. nForce LAN driver

    Hi everybody! Im finding a problem with my ASUS M2N-VM HDMI and the nForceLAN.kext's. It loads OK, it works fine in normal conditions, BUT when I send several files to another machine on the network, the LAN crashes. If I receive info, It performs great! I've made rsync's of 4Gb, and receiving info works perfect, my problem is sending... it simply crashes after a few files. Anyone has a similar problem? Cheers!
  2. Hi there! IT's been over 2 months since my first experience with Hackintosh. (I'll tell you what I'm pursuing, and what I have acomplished so far. IF YOU WANNA SKIP ALL THE PROCESS AND JUST GO TO THE STEP BY STEP INSTALLATION, FIND THE " SUCCESSFUL step by step instalation") GOAL -> keyboard-less, mouse-less, Full working LAN, Full HDMI, Full 6.1 audio, rendering nodes controlled via UNIX ACOMPLISHED SO FAR ->keyboard-less, mouse-less, half working LAN*, NO AUDIO, minimum SVGA display, UNIX controlled //DESCRIPTION OF HARDWARE, for 6 almost identical cloned CPUs: >Motherboard ASUS M2N-VM HDMI, this was bought in Mexico City (si hay un chilango por aqui) >AMD Athlon X2 5200+ & 5400+ >1Gb generic Ram >SATA HD (some are WD 1600AAJS Caviar 160GB, other SEAGATE Barracuda 7200 320 GB) //EPIC INSTALLATION PROCESS 1st attemp - IDE Hard drive I downloaded several distributions: Kallyway 10.5.2, Zephyrot AMD 10.5.2 and Leo 4 all v.3 and v.4 Kallyway attemp- My first attemp was with the m2n-vm hdmi MoBo, an AMDx2 5200+ and an IDE hardrive. I plugged a DVD Rom and tried Kallyway... it recognized the hard drive, and from there I tried perhaps 18 documented installation variations from the options. It will eventually at some combination of options, finish the installation, restart, but mark an error at the white&apple screen. Eventually a discarded kallyway when Leo 4 all v3, finally downloaded. Leo 4 all attemp- It never got ahead from "no root device". So without deep knowledge or understanding what happened at that moment, started downloading another distribution. Zephyrot AMD 10.5.2 attemp- For a start, it booted until the installing options. And as it announces, its easier in the installing options. So, variations and several instalations (18 documented) went on, until eventually it re-started on the so expected welcome screen. So if you are trying to install this MoBo with an IDE drive THIS IS THE DISTRIBUTION to use! COUTERPART and non-working devices For my needs, the USB and LAN are the most important things to work properly. At fresh installation LAN didn't worked, I downloaded several nForce kexts and installed, until (if Im not wrong) an nForceLAN.kext was the winner, and internet worked and ssh conection protocol worked... BUT it crashed when a lot of consecutive files were being transfered. With this partial success, and the applications i needed installed correctly and fully functional for render (this means the CPU worked aparently OK), I bought 5 more replicas, this time with a more silent SATA drive. //SUCCESSFUL step by step instalation - SATA Hard Drive OK... so. My first attemp was with Zephyrot AMD 10.5.2 distribution... but guess what? It didn't recognizes the SATA drive, not even in AHCI or SATA mode in BIOS... I tried then Kallyway 10.5.2, it booted until the installation screen, It recognizes the SATA drive, but the installation crashed before finishing... My next idea was to make a hybrid version of Zephyrot, which worked OK for my MoBo, with the kexts from Kallyway that allowed SATA to be recognized. After digging a little in the forum, and a few days with many DVDs in the trash can, I pulled out a hybryd Zephy-Kally DVD. (Extracted the Extensions.kext from inside the Kallyway DVD /System/Library/, uncompressed it, resulting in an EXTENSIONS folder, changed the ID DEVICE for my SATA in the info.plist of AppleSATA-something.kext, created cache, then copied it to the Zephyrot DVD /System/Library, and repaired permissions... something like this, and eventually I ended with a DVD that readed SATA drives (in AHCI mode in BIOS), containing apparently the magic of Zephyrot DVD... but not. It crashed after several install-options variations. OK. I started downloading before this point Leo4all v.4 which acclaimed an easier AMD installation. And IT DID! Of course after 7 days of changing options, so HERE IT IS, THIS ARE THE OPTIONS YOU MUST FOLLOW TO MAKE A HACKINTOSH WITH THE SAME SPECS AS MINE (M2N-VM HDMI, AMD X2 5x00+, SATA drive apparently of any brand and capacity) Plug everything, The DVD rom can be as master or slave, BUT SATA option in BIOS MUST BE in AHCI mode at installation. When DVD starts countdown (still in DOS), click any key... OSX installation starts, Go To the Disk Utility and Format your HD as MASTER BOOT RECORD (MBR), this is the one that works! guid never booted correctly. OK. Now the options. ONLY Nforce67, i choosed audio ALC883 but it didn't work, ONLY NvidiaKush, On NON-EFI KERNEL choose 9.2.2 SS3, NON EFI options choose: ACPCIPlatform, SMSBIOS-NOEFI, NO-EFI BOOT (according with our MBR partition)... if everything goes right, you should be having a "Successful Instalation" screen within a few minutes. Restart, but BEWARE!! you must now change BIOS of sata to SATA mode, do not leave ahci because it won't start. Smile to the Welcome screen, and when you are on OSX, install with a USB ( I guess any) nForceLAN.kext. This will enable internet, and file transfer in a low traffic mode... I guess you are not expected to download fast files and not get a crashed LAN connection. //Up to DAY So this is where I stand now, I have all 6 nodes, with silent SATA drives, connected with ethernet with this LAN driver that crashes ONLY WHEN IT SENDS a lot of consecutive files, it receives OK, i Tested rsync's of 2Gb and 4Gb with hundreds of files and it RECEIVED ok all files, but when I retreive files from the node (like any rendered sequence), It crashes at the 5th or so file. Video hasn't worked fully yet, despite several Nvidia-like kexts I've found. Audio behaves the same after several kext installation attempts. OK. I'll continue posting. May the force be with you -MasteGr-
  3. Forcedeth -V

    Thanks.. im trying those kext's. Some previous trys have made the LAN work, but not stable in large amounts of files transfer. I'll post if some of the versions work. Thanks!
  4. Forcedeth -V

    HI! the download appears to be incomplete or corrupt. I have a m2n-vm hdmi (based on nForce630a (MCP68PVNT)
  5. Hi there. I've finally made my cpu work. Short Story ------------- Specs of my HW. Athlon x2 5200+ Asus m2n-vm hdmi 1Gb ram IDE 120 GB maxtor HD /*1st set of tries*/ I tried first kallyway 10.5.2 distribution. Nightmarish! i have probably 20 tries logged in paper, with changes of kernel and all possible combinations. IT NEVER BOOTED OSX. I'm not blaming kallyway, just letting you now it didn't work for my set. The farthest i got, was to the opening white screen with gray apple, and there it crashed (fatal error in 4 languages) /*2nd set of tries*/ Then tried leo4all distribution. I wasn't able to even boot to the installer. It hanged there with "still waiting for root device" and probably another error in other boot kernel option /*3rd set of tries*/ I tried iatkos, and its only intel. (altough I didn't try the post that helps to use iatkos for AMD) Then the download for Zephyrot 10.5.2 completed, and it helped me get farther. untill eventually it booted into OSX, with the personal info, time and account name screens. The options I used in this succesfull try, are: ->hard Drive formated as MBR (master boot record), Mac Os Extended (journaled). To mention, the GUID option needed the Zephyrot DVD in the drive to boot, otherwise it didnt recognize a boot device ->TOH Kernel SSE 3 9.1.0 ->chipset -> nforce ->graphics -> nvidia 10.5.2 ->EFI MBR for audio and lan, i installed the forcedeth and azalia, but they weren't recognized when on OSX /*Finally into OSX*/ OK. It starts, but no LAN. I need the lan to send batch processes thru the terminal. After a few tries with forcedeth, i tried nForceLAN.kext and it popped up the "new device" window. So, in finder i can see my other computer and viceversa. But cannot connect with the other computer, because it doesn't show the option for "connect as", but guess what... I can connect within computers in Terminal with ssh! so. I installed my 3d software and rendered my benchmark file... It was compared with an iMac 2.0 ghz. This AMD chip is supposed to behave as a 2.7 Ghz (system profiler says so). But render time is the same in the 2.0 iMac, as in the AMD 2.7 hackintosh. I suppose the system or the amd patch isn't squeezing all the cpu juice. But, after a week of long nights, I'm very happy that it is already running as minimal as i need it!
  6. nForce LAN driver

    Thanks Thanks!! the nForceLAN.kext made my M2N-VM HDMI recognize its integrated LAN! I tried several forcedeth versions, without any previous success. But... it's quite unstable. Im gonna try the 0.6 versions. -Gr-
  7. Booting Errors

    Hi. I'm having the same problem.... My next shot si going to be, naming my hard drive where the installation will be, without any special characters... this is pointed in this thread... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...;hl=ata+warning I named it Disk_001, in the appointed thread recommend to name it MAC or leopard (or something simple)

    Dude... I think you have the same problem as I have. But please, write it in english and give some specs Cheers!