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BSOD on Windows, Fix with OS X?


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Alright, guys. My dad's Dell Inspiron 600m crashed. Boot up in safe mode, crash, "last good configuration", crash. Crash, crash, crash. It's like BSOD Central. So here's what I wanted to do..


Access the Dell Laptop's hard drive over my network in OS X, and then scan with ClamXav, and hopefully get something out of it.. Unfortunately, I cannot get that far because I can't get it to connect via ethernet because it crashes before the desktop loads. I also don't have an external enclosure I could put the drive in temporarily. So, I'm stuck, and I'm hoping I'm having one of those "D'oh!" moments where I slap myself on the forehead.


Any insight would be fantastic. Thanks!


By the way, the mac I'm using to hopefully repair it is a C2D Prev. Gen iMac.

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