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Crasy HFS+ Problem!


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I'm using iATKOS 1.0i (no r2 patch).

My Hardwares (Excluding NIC && Sound Card) support Leo i'm sure. I've install correctly and it works at the first time(s), but because of the Intel 82566 NIC, I can't dial-up thru PPPoE (en0 Appears Cable Unplagged). So i've re-installed Vista for downloading drivers.


Then I've began a new installation for Mac, I used Gpart LiveCD for partitioning, and I gave macos full HDD (SATA, 160G), one Partition without disklabel, unformatted.

And After (OSX) Installation is completed, it has rebooted automatically, then on screen appears "HFS+ Partition Error"


I don't where the mistake is, but the same configuration really WORKS before, but this time...



I did really followed all the instructions, but it worked only once...


Can Anyone Help? Thanks!

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