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  1. Direct3D 10/11 natively on Linux

    Exciting news! and... how many miles to mac?
  2. Hi, I'm using bridged networking for Guest OS which is Windows XP SP3, I've noticed that when my Host OS is connected to vpn, either l2tp or pptp, will cause network failure on Guest. The problem occurs only with Bridged networking, and Windows says "cable unplugged". I changed the option to NAT and it works good, but I won't let Guest have access to my VPN. I've googled for the problem but got no answer, can anyone solve this problem? Thanks~
  3. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 driver hopefully?

    Hi, uBeer, how's it going now?
  4. Is there any working solution right now? thx ~
  5. Hi, I've installed Snow Leo 10.5.3 (iATKOS S3 v2) on my laptop (Thinkpad T500 2082BKU) which comes with ATi Mobility Radeon 3650 & Intel GMA 4500MHD, but snow leopard can only detect 3650, and so far didn't find any working solutions for this card. any help would be appreciate!
  6. 谢谢,我再试试。 Thanks, I'm gonna place lots more try on Dell's troublesome XPS410
  7. Few days ago I've bought a Seagate ST3500320AS HDD, installed on my XPS410. Then I tried to install a vanilla leo on the new drive, followed this guide. I have customized the post-patch.sh, disabled Jmicron and replaced AppleHDA with my own patched AppleHDA from a working 10.5.2 I've rebooted and got "still waiting for root device" when "waiting for [hard disk]"(I've forgot what's exactly written there...) Then, I tried to replace ATA, AHCI kexts in 10.5.6 with the files in a working 10.5.2, but it didn't help... Call for help!
  8. Hi, I'm using iATKOS 10.5.2 on my XPS410 and wanna upgrade to iPC 10.5.6, but I've tons of iTunes songs, Applications and documents needs to be safe and working... So, is it possible to upgrade to 10.5.6 without risk?
  9. Any STAC9227 fully working?

    Yep, it works with back mic port. But just the volume... it's it's too quiet, I have almost to put my mic on my lips to get the voice... I've notice that in iPC OSX X86 release has STAC9227 drivers listed, but not sure about whether it works....
  10. Hi, all My hackintosh has recognized my Powershot while in explore mode, and in capture it got nothing. And for my TVCard(Phillipp 7130) and Cam(Logitech QuickCam) is also not working... is there any universal drivers for image capture devices...?
  11. Hi folks, Recently I've experienced my first crash on a Hacintosh! I've downloaded Phtoshop from adobe, and installed properly, but when started the application, after entered the serial number, it crashed... tried many times, rebooted system, but got no idea... Anyone have same proble,? How did you resolved it? Thanks Methou
  12. Any STAC9227 fully working?

    update: only front mic is not working, the one internal works fine. Thanks~ SticMan~ ====== I tried today, and MIC is still not working...
  13. Any STAC9227 fully working?

    Thanks alot~~~
  14. Any STAC9227 fully working?

    Hi folks~ Is there any fully working STAC9227 drivers? Thanks~
  15. Hi, there ==== update: Solved by changing BIOS: enabling "raid on" ==== I've downloaded iATKOS2.0i from demoinoid, burned, and installed. But when rebooted, it stopped at the gray screen. I've added -v parameter while next reboot, found the problem is idling at "Still wating for root devices" My model is xps410 (also known as Dimension 9200, Dell), which 1.0ir2 is working fine on it. Wondering what's problem... Thanks~