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video converting for iphone


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hi guys. i just wanted to share this one with you. since i got my iphone i've been busy finding free video converting software for osx that converts anything to iphone video in good quality and preferably small filesize.


the only thing i came across was ffmpegX so i fiddled with it and found pretty good settings that work for nearly any video and come out with 3mb/min. so a 30min series comes in as 90mb with full iphone res (480x320).


problem i found with ffmpegX was the unneccessarily cluttered gui once u've found your favorite preset and the lack of batch encoding a directory full of vids with the same settings.


so i quickly put together a casual javagui for doing this, works like a charm for me and with everything (needed) here being free i thought i'd share with you guys.


get it here:



read the 1-2 instruction on how to use it in the readme. feel free to comment.




p.s. i should add this is OSX only... (because of the bashscript i use)

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