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  1. nameless2k

    How to fix About This Mac Problems

    does NOT work for iatkos 10.6.2 v2 in virtualbox :-(
  2. nameless2k

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    yes there is a serious bug with this. many of us experienced this and in the official thread there is a workaround: rename your source file from dsdt.aml to myfile.aml. that will do.
  3. nameless2k

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    right, so lemme summarize: ximekon => BIOS F2 => clean DSDT.aml => working everything (nVidia generic Graphics, Sound, LAN) => able to solve issues by himself => but distributing his solution for other's convenience You => BIOS F4 => DSDT.aml => no generic solution, not working sound => unable to solve issues by yourself => CAPSLOCKING people to solve your probs, because you dont wanna flash to F2 right?
  4. nameless2k

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    What Yoda says: "Reading yourself, you must" So why not just reading the post above yours? P.S. turn off your caps lock, plz.
  5. nameless2k

    Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    this is really nice. does anyone know how to make a legacy.kext out of this?
  6. This looks nice. I am gonna try it and tell you...
  7. nameless2k

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    there are so many guides around. begin with the guide by blackosx. this will explain the generic procedure that will also do on your board. the rest can be found in this thread. And if not: please ask specific questions. It is quite too early for n00b compatible one-click-solutions. be aware: there is manual work necessary to make snow leopard work. see this list: http://news.metaparadigma.de/?p=2512 and post your hardware details in the comments section to make things easier for other people. thanks.
  8. nameless2k

    Making a Boot CD for EP35-DS3

    google for "epic preboot" or "epic is an Easy Preboot-132 ISO-Creator for Chameleon's cdboot" I wrote a script for creating preboot ISO images using chameleon's cdboot... but insanelymac doesnot allow to link directly to other forums, c'est pourquoi you need to google for it. kd rgds, nl2k
  9. nameless2k

    boot-132 coasters anyone?

    afaik boot132 is not compatible to snow leo...
  10. nameless2k

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    the solution for the sound seems ok for the moment, I like it. anybody here who understands pin configurations to make the dsdt hdef alc889a fix 100%? has anybody solved the orange icons thing. or is this only my issue? I found booting ximekonx USB booter that you can also use it to start the SNoe Leopard install image directly from harddisk and you can also run thru the whole prozess of acepting license terms, choosing drive etc. but soon after it eventually begins to copy the files to your disk the installation crashes with a kernel panic. anybody else experiencing this? p.s. I suppose we should add our BIOS firmware revision numbers and the amount of memory in future when asking/telling something. I will add my infos as soon as I get back to my place...
  11. nameless2k

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    actually - use the diskutilty to restore to a USB stick of your choice (on your working leopard installation!) - restore snow leo installation disk to a blank partition - reboot your system: reboot to USB stick - choose Mac OS X Installation partition to execute - does this work? - if it does: simply install again. that is exactly what I am just doing aswell this game is like installing linux 10 years ago. installing, configuring to defect, re-installing, configuring to defect, re-installing... eventually it will work... but dont expect this too soon.
  12. nameless2k

    Finally successful on EP35-DS4

    do you got sound?
  13. nameless2k

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    everybody: screenshots of kp's please. no clairvoyants here who can see your screens magically from all over the planet - tried the usbboot stick from above? - permissions set to partition/harddrive prior to installation? read blackosx's snow leopard tutorial - right uuid in platformuuid.kext and smbios.plist? - ahci enabled in bios? - mkext created on first snow leo boot? read derpuma's snow leopard textfiles that come with his kexts - linux harddisks attached? detach (unplug cable!)
  14. nameless2k

    Anyone with success at Ga-EP45-DS3R ?

    please go to this thread: obviously this problem is a mass problem and we should merge our power into one thread!!! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1234814
  15. nameless2k

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    here is my (almost) blank USB image for chameleon. I've applied some patches but cannot get it to work for my EP35-DS3. So this is more meant as a basis for further testings and experimentation!!! Get the USB image here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CF9XQYYQ