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guys, anything else new with this??


As far as I know, this is an UNOFFICIAL PATCH. Not released by the Uphuck Team. I just went to the irc for uphuck and this is what the forum topic was:


* Topic for #uphuck.DVD is: iATKOS v1.0i **** | 1.0i to 1.0ir2 iso patch **** | installation ReadMe, md5 and changelog **** | READ B4 POSTING... 10.5.2 -> netkas.org | No Official Patches after r2 | Some things floating around IM are not related to the Team! |


NOTE: All links are "****" blocked out for this forum.

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New iatkos this guy ia amazing can he do a patch for ICH8D0 so we can boot our system and install to Vendor ID is 8086 and DEVICE ID is 2820



iATKOS 1.0ir2 Post-Update by EqUaTe



These patches are designed to be appled to the iATKOS v1.0i r2 ISO.

The first could be considered the unofficial r3, but I shall not refer

to it as such again.






* Adds support for NForce chipsets


* NForceATA

* NForce SSE3 and SSE2 kernels


* Installer support for NForce


* Automatic installation of NForce requirements when you select

either of the NForce Kernels



* Fixes ALL bootloader issues exhibited by r2


* More advanced script than seen in original release and r2


* Will preserve your existing bootloader rather than overwrite it

- You will no longer have to reinstall grub or the xp bootloader

if you want to use them. Merely add the chainloader commands.


* On a blank disk/partition table will install completely, making the

disk bootable. No more blinking cursor!


* Adds OPTIONAL support for PCCard/CardBus/PCMCIA


* Uses customised kexts by Chun-Nan


* Don't install this package unless you have a CardBus controller


* Doesn't work for everyone - work is ongoing on this



* Adds PCIUtils for OSX


* Ported from Linux


* lspci and setpci now available


* update-pciids to update the PCI ID database


* Automatically installed


* Adds TempMonitor


* Program for reporting temperature from available sensors


* Type tempmonitor at the terminal



* Adds package for Bad BIOS support.


* Not available in installer - needs to be used on another machine


* Fixes the freeze at the buffers count (10495).


* Uses old ACPI and APIC kexts


* Removes FireWire kexts to prevent conflicts


* Don't use if you don't have to!


* Installer support available in 2nd PPF.






* Adds Bad BIOS support to the installer


* Don't use on machines that work normally


* Try it if you can't boot even with cpus=1 -v -x




MD5 (iATKOS_v1.0ir2-EqUaTe1.ppf) = 87b093f82a2bdd6c96cc2fec645ff041



(iATKOS_v1.0ir2-EqUaTe1.iso) = d65285f10c625310ecc93f6ee3d928b1





(iATKOS_v1.0ir2-EqUaTe1+BadBIOS.ppf) = 078b2c2f6e491ccb2c794ea7d54e84a8



(iATKOS_v1.0ir2-EqUaTe1+BadBIOS.iso) = 0fe1fcb7495530322445957b856f3888

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