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strange benchmark results with vista vs leopard


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all you need:


- a stopwatch (i used an online one with a diff computer)

- download this zip, with a photoshop action file, readme file, and a jpg file.




follow instructions in the readme, and reboot. so anyways, here are some odd results using Leopard and Vista on the same computer... but not exactly fair, pay attention to the details regarding scratch disk:


computer stats:

q6600 quad core @ 2.4



Vista 32 bit on 500gb 7200rpm sata

scratch = separate 500gb 7200rpm sata

results: 1:08, 1:01 (2 tests, first upon boot, second right after the first test had run)


*plus, after running the test, my video card/driver/something freaked out and was acting weird until I closed photoshop. also, loading the action was a bit more of a hassle... hah, but whatever




Leopard 10.5.1 (osx86 mod) 250gb 7200rpm sata

no scratch (runs on same drive as photoshop)

results: 0:47, 0:47 (2 tests, first upon boot, second right after the first test had run)


strange.. this is technically a "hacked" version of Leopard, yet it runs faster on the same computer - but this could be for a few reasons.


a) leopard HD is half the size, which could make it faster

a.a) but what about no scratch disk? hmmm

<_< I believe Leopard is 64bit native (?)

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Well, I tested it in two different situations:


1- non-messed photoshop settings I use daily. History levels 20, and cache level 6, winxp pro, cs3, p4 dual core 3ghz 2gbram, 160hd, It tooks 3.47 minutes.


2- cache lavel 4, history 1, took 1.26minutes...


(an Imac here at work took 4.17 minutes on cs3, leopard, 1gb ram 2ghz c2d.

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I tested on the machine shown in my signature.


1. Settings from the readme, cache 4, history 1 and it took 52 seconds


2. Daily settings cache 6, history 20, and it took 2.05 minutes.


Running CS3 with a 250GB scratch drive


Going to try on my girlfriends machine shortly, Windows Vista.


Adobe CS3 runs faster on OSX obviously, I noticed the difference immediately after the switch, quite impressive actually.

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I`m also working a lot with Illustrator and Photoshop (CS3) in Vista and XP only, and there i didn`t thought until now that is very slow or so (2GB Ram, 2x2,4Ghz, 2x500GB Raid1). It runs smooth and very fast and i had never (really never) any crash! XP is faster - I didn`t made test with a timer or so, but you can feel the difference, which isn`t that big or annoying.


But now i installed Leopard 10.5.4, and just tested Photoshop and Illustrator and it is even faster then in Vista! Also no timer now, but i will do it afterwards. Then i made the update to 10.5.5 and first of all i`m thinking that is slower than 10.5.4! Maybe it isn`t really true, but that startuptime, finder opening, program starting and so takes more time. So i`m testing with 10.5.5 around, maybe i go back to 10.5.4 because of feeling faster.


All in all is Photoshop and Illustrator for me as i`m feeling it just a little bit faster than in XP or Vista. Have to make a test in a few hours...

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