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  1. Hello people, I´m thinking about buying a wireless keyboard from apple. But, it´s a bluetooth device, so, in windows 7 (have to use it sometimes) it will be functional at login screen? I mean, I will be able to type in user/pass, or the keyboard will not be recognized until the system loads 100%?? thanks a lot!
  2. I´m with Sed8ed. I had a little trouble when I updated from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8 with ideneb. It was the system profile. But now, With the ideneb 10.5.8 I got perfect install. Everything OK, with speedstep working. I´m just observing my power supply. Last time with the speedstep the speed of the fan raised significantly. But, I did NOT heard anything good enough of snow leopard yet that made me wants to move for it. So I´m stick with 10.5.8 until something shows up.
  3. I think you can open a terminal (go to applications folder/utilites/terminal) and type kextstat
  4. i-Bench to test your Mac

    System info Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5.7 (Build 9J61) Model: Hackintosh Processor: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz Frequency: 2.33 GHz Total CPU number: 4 Physical CPU number: 1 Bus frequency: 1.33 GHz Memory size: 4.00 GB Memory type: 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Compiled with: GCC 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5566) Tests results Composite result: 4.08 iBench_fp test suite Householder transformation: 3.48 Gaussian blur: 6.20 Mandelbrot set generation: 3.65 Numerical integration: 7.40 JPEG compression: 3.72 LU decomposition: 4.10 Edge detection: 4.02 Fast Fourier Transform: 3.60 Eigenvalue: 3.98 Partial result: 4.31 iBench_int test suite MD5 hashing: 3.99 Blowfish cypher: 8.08 Kruskal tree search: 3.42 Integer factorization: 3.91 ZIP compression: 2.87 N Queens problem: 3.88 Maximum Common Divisor: 3.48 Quick sorting: 3.56 Binary searching: 3.58 Bubble sorting: 3.64 Prime numbers calculation: 3.63 Partial result: 3.86
  5. 10.5.7 Released

    why dont you guys just try the delta update instead software update?
  6. P5KPL-AM intalar

    opa, Só pra esclarecer, tem são 2 modelos de placas diferentes aqui. a P5KPL-AM e a minha é P5KPL somente. A p5kpl-am tem video onboad, ja a minha p5kpl nao tem. Por isso nao tem lugar nenhum pra desabilita-lo. Tem o mesmo chipset G31 mas sem o video onboard. Para instalar usei tanto o ideneb 10.5.4 qto o 10.5.6 e usei essa setagem de bios: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=160123 deve servir pra tua placa tambem qualquer coisa estamos ai.
  7. 10.5.7 Released

    yep, so far so good. downloaded the delta update and run it, install, restart with -v -f then auto-reboot, then OK. No need to reinstall audio or anything. I´m going to test the video card in my 3d program. But ok here. I was using ideneb 10.5.6 vanilla 9.4.0 kernel.
  8. 10.5.7 Released

    that´s what makes me angry about osx install. So many users running retail and bannnggg crash at updating. Of course it happens all the time with no retail installs, but as we can see, there is a lot of non-retail users that the update was just fine. I will try to apply the delta offline update at my ideneb 10.5.6 later. I will post the result here.
  9. I have ideneb 10.5.4 here, can I upgrade ? all at once or to 10.5.5 first and so on?
  10. Sed8ed, did you updated to 10.5.7 ? delta update or ? any thing to worry about? I´m trying to do a retail install here, but I´m getting pissed.
  11. Leopard 10.5 with Asus P5KPL-AM

    hi there, I´m trying to do it also, with my p5kpl (g31 + ich7) but the install stops when the space wallpaper appears and keeps the spinning rainbow cursor forever... did you make it work?
  12. install hangs on the first screen with the eternal spinning rainbow. Is there some special kext or boot123 image for a g31 +ich7 board?
  13. 6600gt ajustes

    Olá pessoal. Tenho a config da assinatura e so consegui instalar o ideneb ate agora. Porem como mexo com 3d a 6600gt ficou bem lenta no osx, e estava com qi/ce ok. Porem no windows ela é bem mais rapida no meu programa 3d (modo) - nao é em jogos -. E posso ajustar as setagens pra performance e quality. Tem algum programa / lugar /metodo que me permite fazer um ajuste melhor de aniso, qualidade etc da 6600gt no osx? acho que é o unico motivo pq nao permaneci no osx. lentidao na vga mto desproporcional. Queria tambem poder instalar retail aqui, mas ai já é outra historia. alguem me ajuda? valeu
  14. P5KPL-AM intalar

    tentou ja instalar retail? tenho uma p5kpl e estou pensando em instalar retail pra fazer updates
  15. Well, I just using a adsl modem (speedstream 4200) with NAPT on and firewall settings on too. But I dont really trust it. But, I hope I can learn the ipfw and do something, otherwise I will stay with vista + firewall by software. And yes, I agree with you, the dark ages of the internet its about to begin. They will hunt us down and burn every one they can.