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Gah, My Boot Camp Won't Work And I Need My Guild Wars Fix!


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So I attempted to Boot Camp my HDD. Worked fine. Said to insert the XP disc. So I did. Rebooted and it went to the blue screen where it asks where you want to install XP and all that. Did that. Copied all the files over. Said it was going to restart. So I let it. It restarted and said 'Press any key to install from disc. I left it alone cause I never pressed anything when I installed before on my boy's laptop. Disc error. Restarted. Same thing. I erased the XP 'install' (if you want to call it that) and tried a different disc. Same thing. This angers me cause I want my Guild Wars. And I want to download one song, not a whole CD. I should mention that both were burned copies. I want to know why the hell it won't work. Do I need an authentic XP or is my MB just racist against Windows (er programist)?

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