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Is Fusion noticeably faster with Vista than Parallels?

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So yeah... title says it all!

I want to know which one to get. For when I truly need power (which honestly shouldn't be very often) I will use Boot Camp. But otherwise, I want as much performance out of the virtual machine as possible. I will be running Vista. I hear that, for some tests, VMware is significantly faster than Parallels, but for others (like networking) the story is very different. I am heavily attracted to the whole Parallels Coherence thing because from what I've read, it really can be set up so that you wouldn't even suspect that Windows is running. I like that!


I won't be using windows very often... like really, not often. I mean that. (lol)

But when I will need it, it will be for graphics software (although we're not talking really heavy performance for this stuff... just CorelDraw), and web-stuff (Frontpage/Expression Web). I would love to use them without rebooting, and want to know which product is best for my needs under Vista: Fusion or Parallels?


Also, which product in general has less impact on the processor or requires less resources?



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