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Thanks hackintosh

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Hi all,

I opening with a thank you, hakintosh showed me a new way.

After years of suffering I've finaly found a solution for all my pc problems, it's called mac.


After installing osx86 on my half dead - very unstable notebook (Gateway M460 - 2yo 1gbRam)

I've got a stable and working os. I even found out thet it's a warry free zone and gradually I've abandoned my pc's

Now after 6 monthe i (a pc fanatic) orderd on-line 2 mac mini and 1 macbook air.

I'm finally found an alternative and I'm leaving Microsoft for good - never buing any of ther buggy softwear.

and if your a pc fan (I was to), at the end - pc is more expencive, while mac already comes with almost evreything you need, even the opensouce/free software works flowless (unlike pc), and provide you with every thing you need.


Pleas forgive my english, it's not my native language.

I will appriciat if you'll PM me corrections, thank you.


Liran Koren.

Graphic designer

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I know it is a year later but maybe you can help me in my search. Which version of OS X did you use to install on your M460? I have a couple that I would like to convert for testing and other purposes. If you want you can PM me or reply here. thanks.

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