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  1. iPhone mac remote over internet.

    There are some good apps to control iTunes and front row. I was looking for a while a good remote that will work over ip connection. So far, apples iTunes remote, clicquer, hippoRemote, Rowmote Pro Are all WIFI base remote. The only one I've found was remote HD. It looked interesting, I couldn't get it actually work. I really hope someone has a solution. The issue is that I have a mac with no WIFI connected to a TV. Thanks, Liran.
  2. NO AUDIO & NETWORK (One Last Cry for HELP)

    Wow thank working now!!!!
  3. NO AUDIO & NETWORK (One Last Cry for HELP)

    Hi, I've got a dp35dp board and installed leopard on it last week. I have Intel 82801IB ICH9 - Gigabit Ethernet Controller and installed the Intel82566MM.kext attached here using Kext Helper b7 after restart nothing. I didn't understand what to do with this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...;p=915883 Please assist.
  4. Can't find the driver

    One last BUMP Please help me I'm desperate I can't fine the correct driver for this computer. A link to instruction of how to add my hardware id to the kext file will also help. Thank you in advance. Liran.
  5. Can't find the driver

    P.S. I have Tiger iAKTOS 10.4.8
  6. Can't find the driver

    Hi all, I'm Looking for a driver for my osx86 and couldn't find one I've tried half a dozen AC97 drivers even tried to find a CMedia 8738 driver (couldn't find it) some said it should work. Can anyone help? Please?
  7. Tablet PC (osx)?

    Hello all, I'm planning on getting a tablet PC to rum osx only model: ThinkPad X61 Tablet UU5BFIV 7767-BFG 1.60GHz 2GB Will it work?
  8. Same problem here, i have to restart 2-5 time before it loads, it's worth the wheit.
  9. Thanks hackintosh

    Hi all, I opening with a thank you, hakintosh showed me a new way. After years of suffering I've finaly found a solution for all my pc problems, it's called mac. After installing osx86 on my half dead - very unstable notebook (Gateway M460 - 2yo 1gbRam) I've got a stable and working os. I even found out thet it's a warry free zone and gradually I've abandoned my pc's Now after 6 monthe i (a pc fanatic) orderd on-line 2 mac mini and 1 macbook air. I'm finally found an alternative and I'm leaving Microsoft for good - never buing any of ther buggy softwear. and if your a pc fan (I was to), at the end - pc is more expencive, while mac already comes with almost evreything you need, even the opensouce/free software works flowless (unlike pc), and provide you with every thing you need. Pleas forgive my english, it's not my native language. I will appriciat if you'll PM me corrections, thank you. Liran Koren. Graphic designer
  10. I've been looking for a clean install guide with an original osx DVD... Coldn't find one. any ideas?
  11. Flash preloader

    Hay people... I'm in the middel of a huge project and i need some help i have atteched a .SWF preloader iv'e made the script i've used is: stop(); rac_mc._height = 1; this.onEnterFrame = function():Void { var loadedData:Number = this.getBytesLoaded(); var allData:Number = this.getBytesTotal(); var percent:Number = Math.round(loadedData/allData*100); rac_mc._yscale = percent; if (loadedData>=allData) { gotoAndStop (10); delete this.onEnterFrame; } }; My problam is thet the filling is top to bottem i need it to be oposite. what did i do wrong? Thank you. PRELOADER.zip
  12. Just F'd my hackintosh :-( Should I wait for the installer or jast use the old fasion Hackintosh installer? I really wont this almost real hackintosh...... can't wait!
  13. Hackintosh logo i've made

    Good ideas! Thank you very much - you'r contributing as you responding. I tried some of what you said - I like it - I do think there is more to be done it's almost there.
  14. My Site's new design

    OK as someone sad befor, the with is long one thing you can do is to put text inside columns, you might want to use longer text's or/and add some images (make sure the images will not exceed the clumns you have made). In order to make your web site dynamice and fit on any screen - in dreamweaver - select the site table (make sure the inner frames are at the right proprtion) and on propaties panel next to the word with change pixels to % and set how much you want it to take off your screen. now it might even work on mobile phones an old people's computer with a res of 640X460. Good Luck
  15. Hackintosh logo i've made

    First... somthimg went wrong with the colors during upload - might be a problem with CMYK colors i will solve this soon. There is a gap - not visibale on the preview. I did try changing the location of the text - it didn't look good, i evev tryed to replace fonts with no help. thanks for comants