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  1. Dell Precision M4400 Installation Guide

    Could you post a walkthrough or maybe a guide... some instruction would be nice to have so that I too can try to build the same OS. Maybe I could help you with your problems. Thanks.
  2. HOW TO: sigmatel 9250 audio :TUTORIAL

    Yes. Gateway M465-E . Worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch. Maybe you have a suggestion about updating from IPC 10.5.6 to a later version.. I have been searching for a couple min.. Maybe I will find something before that. feel free to PM me or post back. thanks.
  3. Just to answer the questions about the D630.. I have been toying with mine here an there trying to get iAtkos to load.. or IPC or Kalaway.. not a whole lot of luck. I got leo4allv3 to load but out of the box it doesn't support much hardware. I did find this out in my playtime: 1) If you are having trouble booting any of the discs (regardless of burn speed) you might want to check the DVD drive. I had an idea that the drive might be the problem as far as loading. I was right. I swapped the drive and presto.. it seems like most of my 5000 versions of osx seem to boot. I have problems with a few. so the HW might be a problem. 2) I ran into a problem of booting. I found out that I wiped the MBR on the hard drive on accident and it kept giving me an error about no operating system found. I got a little pissed cause I knew that I had done everything correctly. I fixed the MBR and it started to boot again. 3) I did find a great listing for the iAtkos V7 10.5.7 which was supposed to load pretty much everything including the kitchen sink.. I don't have the post avail but here is the skinny on the options prior to loading. Here are the options that need to be chose (according to the post I found): iatkos v7 main system chameleon v2 /extra directory /dsts apple de-cryptor smbios-efi-air disabler nv kush ahci intel sata/ide speed step driver throttle control voodoo hda audio voodoo p/s2 laptop battery broadcom bcm43xx (wireless) post install actions suposedly this works. I have had no success yet. I would like to ask which dvds you guys are using. maybe you have a different version than me. I just want to compare notes. Thanks.
  4. Thanks hackintosh

    I know it is a year later but maybe you can help me in my search. Which version of OS X did you use to install on your M460? I have a couple that I would like to convert for testing and other purposes. If you want you can PM me or reply here. thanks.
  5. Kalyway 10.5.2 FULL GUIDE

    Ok.... I have been reading forums and checking sites and searching and trying various versions on OSX for X86...... I can't get it to work at all. I can get it to load in -s mode.... but in -s mode it will not let me do anything (since it is loaded from the DVD not the HDD). I cannot get it to install on the HDD.. I have tried many many switches and many different methods. Disabled everything in the BIOS and everything else. Plus I have tried it on a hundred different computers laptops and desktops. I am retarded. I think this may be a sign from God that I am not cut out for OSX. LOL.. I am a computer geek by trade and I have been messing with computers since the timex sinclair.... but this {censored} here... this {censored} right here... no dice. LOL Please someone help this aspiring mac wannabe. PLEASE. thanks in advance.