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Shuttle SG31G2B or safe-bet on the SG30G2B?

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I read in the topics here that the Shuttle SG30G2B with Intel 945 Chipset and a E4600/E6600 Core2Duo is a safe bet to use as a hackintosh. The GMA950 on board is supported. Problem is that E6600 Core2Duos are hard to get and much more expensive than the new E8400's. The E4600 is a pretty simple one and not fully up to desktop standards.

I also like to go for a SG31G2B, which costs a bit more, but has 1333 Mhz FSB, a modern E8400 Core2Duo and faster RAM. But it comes with the unsupported GMA 3100 graphics. Is this a do-able alternative, or am I getting into much more problems with this newer set?


In both cases I want to add seperate videocard for speedy Sketchup performance. What is good for that and fits in a Shuttle? A Radeon 2600XT?


Last question. I'm pretty Noob to the OSX86 stuff. I want a OSX machine without Windows partition. In a lot of installation guides I see a lot of Windows beiing mentioned? Can you make a Hackintosh of this shuttle without having Windows? I do have a MacMini to make disks and images and stuff.

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Yes, the Shuttle SG31G2B works. Just check this wiki page.


Choose a graphics card from this list, or this one. All of them work. I would recommend any 256mb 7-series geforce, very easy to get working, or one of the 8-series, those work now too.


Hope this helps.


Oh yes, and it's easy to dedicate your hard drive to OS X. When you boot with a disk like Kalyway or iAtkos, you run Disk Utility, select your HDD and just format the whole thing to HFS+ and install to that. Tada!

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