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  1. OSX86 on a Shuttle SB51G

    bump to an old post. did anyone get this shuttle working on 10.6?
  2. DSDT for Asus P8P67-M PRO

    Trying to digest this thread as best I can. I am just starting out with a build based on this board. Will there be a step by step guide on setting this up with revoboot? Would love to get this working but kinda lost at the moment...
  3. thanks for the reply. I will look into that model. I am looking to build a box but am not opposed to of the shelf hardware either. Dis you have any particular issues getting this to run osx86? which osx86 did u install>
  4. Hi All, I am looking to build a HTPC with 10.5 and Plex. I have a 24 inch imac for my main rig and I have built a previous Shuttle PC with OSX86. My main goals for this project are: 1) Cheap as possible. I only want hardware that is good enough for my needs. I don't need to over do it. 2) Motherboard with HDMI or DVI that is capable to hookup to a panasonic 50 inch 720p plasma. I prefer a microatx board with onboard video and audio but I am not opposed to video and sound cards as well. Would like to use a slim htpc case so half hight cards or external usb sound are ok as well and welcomed. 3) Digital audio Optical out 4) capable of playing back 720p and 1080p .mkv files flawlessly. 5) some type of remote control (wiimote, apple remote, universal ir remote etc) 6) Stable under OSX, once I have it installed and running Plex to my satisfaction, I don't need to update it. 7) I will be running this at a 720p resolution and would like to have OSX autolog in and boot Plex in fullscreen mode automatically. Is this possible? I want it to act as much like an appliance as possible. I currently have an xbox using xbmc as my htpc, it is the greatest thing in the world but no longer cuts it due to hd file playback. I am most familliar with windows and osx but prefer osx for a htpc as it will not need antivirus and other overhead a windows htpc requires. I love Plex on my imac. It is currently more polished than windows flavor of xbmc. Not opposed to linux but looks like more work than I want to get into at this time. Any recommendations for hardware are welcome. As stated, I only care about digital video and audio out and fast enough to play 1080p and 720p mkv. Thanks for being the best forum in the world for OSX86!
  5. does this unithave these problems with 10.5.?
  6. is there problems with the os x recognizing all 4gb ram in this unit?
  7. I pray they have a swift death. this is exactly what the osx86 scene does not need. so far apple has let us fly under their radar but this brings too much attention to this project. I would hate apple to retaliate by making it harder to install osx86 through updates, firmware checks, onboard chip security etc. anyone onthis site knows they can build a much better unit than this. I have had a lot of fun with osx86 but I think it is time to join the real apple and just get a 24 inch imac. I need to run windows and mac and I love not having to worry about the next update not being compatible. I will still come here to read and learn but with companies like Psystar, it isnt fun anymore, no one here is trying to profit from this. For Psystar to come in and sell a bunch of units and believe me, there will be no support. they will point to im and tell the enduser, we never promised it would be perfectly compatible. buyer beware... if u want to pay for it, just buy a mac. if not build a unit and have fun but dont give your money to these parasites...
  8. Best Laptop Hackintosh?

    can we have that model number of that acer?
  9. S.M.A.R.T Status Failing?

    the drive is most likely failing. it is only a question now of when. this cannot be caused by installing software.
  10. (Trade)Xbox

    mod that xbox with xbmc and then u will really have something! My xbox with xbmc is hands down my favorite toy...
  11. BACKUP the F$#ing OSX86 :)

    I have used superduper to make an image of my drive. If I need to restore, I use disk utility form the jas 10.4.8 cd. I then point to the image that is on my other partition and image my main bootable partition. It works fine.
  12. I would like to know if there are any good compatible micro atx boards out there as well.
  13. It can't happen here.

    I will live and die by that "piece" of paper.
  14. Building a new hackintosh

    I plan on using this case for my new hacintosh. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811108021 there is another just like it but micro atx with less drive bays as well. I may paint the grey areas with silver krylon fusion paint if the grey paint/plastic looks cheap. I used to have a in win case and it was awsome. I am still leaning toward a bad axe 2 as well. I will look into that other board. u can never go wrong with intel tho. very well made.