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What Hardware does 100% work?

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Hi there.


This post is for everyone that got OSX 10.5 running perfectly fine.


I am looking for some Hardware that anybody can CONFIRM 100% sleep compatible.

Doesn't have to be the most expensive one ;)


I allready have a new system running with a Gigabyte P35-DS3 and an ATI 1950Pro.

But this configuration doesn't shutdown propertly nor does sleep work.


So... anybody can list some working stuff here???






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Try testing with original AppleSMBIOS.kext, in some PC´s you´ll get back shutdown and sleep working again. But it will give you incorrect cpu speed and maybe an error showing info on system profiler, but I think that it´s better a working sleep / shutdown ;)

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Thas true..... but trying some other AppleSMBIOS.kext didnt do the trick for me.


Still no sleep.



Well... when i put my system to sleep it will gown down. But i wont wake tho...


Computer turns on, all fans run at full speed and monitor stays black.


Could it be a graphic card problem?

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are you using nvinject or natit? in most case this aditional injectors prevent normal sleep and/or restart. there ist an solution for that problem. with strings, which are directly added to the com.apple.bootlist you dont need any injectors.


and for me it works perfectly. sound and video are working without injectors and other hacks.

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Hey... thanks for the answere.


I don't really know, but i guess i am using natit. i am using a install pkg from bronja (or bronya) for my x1950pro.

If you can tell me, what to add to the bootlist i will try it.


Otherwise... you signature is quite informative, i will just have a look if the board is still available.

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ok, there are some very good threads around to read. i think the best for you is to read through a little bit and try. when there will be some problems i will help you as good as i can.


in this thread you will find a very good howto, to insert your efi string for grafic and audio:



this is for the copy-procedure of the com.apple.boot.plist



try it. it's worth the work. after this my sleep and reboot work perfectly. no need for new hardware.

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Oh my god....


i installed efi_V8, added the graphics string and..... systems shuts down, restarts and sleeps PERFECTLY (atm)




Sound works to.... with the ALC injector.. but hey... i will add this string later too.


Now only 1 thing doesnt work.


I cant get my ich9r controller to recognize the 3rd and 4th hdd,


I can only use 2 drives.


Any idea?

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