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  1. hello hackintosh friends, I am looking for a high-end hackintosh compatible PC. I am willing to spend the $ but I definitely need a 17" intel i7 machine. Which models supports OS X Lion without much hassle? Recommendations appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I successfully upgraded to iatkos 5 but my regular user account which was the admin now shows as a standard account. How can I restore admin access? Thanks.
  3. Who else has a blue tint on their XPS m1530 or m1330? Any solutions.. A colorsync profile for this screen perhaps...?
  4. Hmmm, good call. Honestly I don't remember, I only booted into Windows once and immediately went onto OSX. Let me know if the replacement changes things. It's just not very precise. It feels like it moves in too many pixel increments...
  5. Thanks to macgirl and everyone here, I got my M1530 working nicely, finally. Thank you all for your help. The touchpad is just slightly sluggish. I am wondering if there's a fix or is that how PCs roll.. and I am just used to the great touchpad on real macs?
  6. Thanks so much. The manual bootlader worked and I managed to install iATKOS but it keeps restarting and never boots into Leopard. I tried booting with -s -x, same result..
  7. hmm. Thanks but I have no "source OS" to boot into and do all that stuff..
  8. Could you give me a bit more info about how to go about that? search the forums for whaT? Thanks a lot.
  9. Ok, so I got a M1530. Tried iaTKOS and KALYWAY. Neither seems to work. iATKOS can't seems to do the bootloader; both EFI and otherwise seem to fail in the Darwin Utility as in it can't "unmouth disk" etc... Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Anyone know the difference between Intel Integrated Graphics 3100 and 3000? Do they both play nice with Leopard?
  11. Quadcore Q6600 on Intel Bad Axe 2 iATKOS, everything works perfectly including sleep, screensaver, shutdown, restart.
  12. KALYWAY install on Gateway. Boot hangs on blue screen even in verbose mode. + keyboard doesn't work any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Hi Everyone, I am about to buy a Dell for Leopard. I would like your advice. I am trying to decide between a XPS M1330 or one of the Inspirons. From what I am reading here, it seems that it's pretty much impossible to get both cores working in the Inspiron series at the moment. Is this also problem with the XPS? If I get an XPS M1330, does everything work properly including both cores after a bit of patching? Thank you all for your help.
  14. anyone with a working laptop keyboard?

    Same problem here. Let me know if you can successfully boot somehow.
  15. Gateway MT6728 help

    I am trying on a Gateway MT6728 The specs of the machine are here. With Kalyway, I can only boot in safe mode and with one cpu and the keyboard doesn't work With iATKOS r2, it passes the bootloader but hangs about 20-30 lines down in verbose mode or it hangs at darwin loader and the keyboard doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Which iATKOS options should I try? Thank you guys.