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  1. Never mind... i managed it!
  2. Hi there. I have some problems that i cant splve on my own (at least it looks like it) I am trying to consolidate 2 OSs (namely Vista and OSX) which are currenty on a seperate drive each. HDD1 is Vista. HDD2 is OS X. Both of them have their own MBR. SO, if i choose in BIOS which HDD i want to boot from it works on both! PLUS: HDD1 is holding EasyBCD 2.0 wich can boot Vista and OSX with out any problems. (OS X has Chameleon 10.somewht installed) Atm the moment everything works fine... But i just thought that i dont want 2 drives anymore, so i tried to copy both system onto 1 HDD (a new one) I moved Vista with Acronis wich worked quite fine. Part1=Vista, Part2=empty: booting with EasyBCD.... perfect. Then i copied OSX with SuperDuper to the second partition. SD did its job and restarted. Nothing worked. Error message: Missing operating system. Well, to make long things short, SuperDuper set 2 second partition active. I disabled it and i was able to boot Vista again. And then i tried everything possible to get EasyBCD boot OS X again. Reinstalled Chameleon with the EFI-Tool and so on, but it did not work out! The best result i could get was like you were trying to boot from an unsopported Drive: missing...\...\...\....plist (dont know what it was exactly) ATM i am back to my 2 HDD's solution. But i cant belive that there is no way to get this setup working. Did anybody here do something similar and give me some good advise? Cheers, freeki
  3. Hi. I have a strange problem. since i recoverd my leo via time machine and updated to 10.5.6 i have no jpeg preview any more. Not on my desktop (or folders), nor in the cover flow view. NO WHERE.... Did anyone of you ever had this problem?
  4. Kernel Panic -hardware/drivers listed

    Yeah.. you are right! My fault
  5. Kernel Panic -hardware/drivers listed

    I have the same problem. i too have installed Kalyway 10.5.2, Combo update etc... The system runs perfectly fine, except those random kernel panics from time to time... They happen very irregulary. Sometimes when i start a movie, sometimes if i start coying files, sometimes if i move a window... It is no specific action that causes it. My hardware: MSI GA-P35-DS3 4 GB DDR2-800 3x SATA drives (ICH9) 1x SATA DVD (ICH9) 1x SATA drive (JMicron) GF 7600GT (used EFI Patch) The rest are onboard components. I just wonder if the JMicron controller could cause the KP's. I would be soooo glad if i could fix those issues.... Is there any hardware, that runs perfect tho, anyway? Cheers,
  6. Hi there. Does someone know if it is possible to make Leopard auto-reboot after a kernel panic? I am using my mac as a server running at home. Sadly it crashes from time to time leaving the system with this damn scrren that i should press my power button... you know... Automatic restarting would be cool. I know its possible under Linux. So i guess there is a way to do so under os x as well. Since google wasnt my friend this time i hope someone here knows how its done. Cheers
  7. Hmmm.... just wondering... Do i need a 64bit Windows to start the VM??
  8. Oh my god.... i installed efi_V8, added the graphics string and..... systems shuts down, restarts and sleeps PERFECTLY (atm) WOW!!! Sound works to.... with the ALC injector.. but hey... i will add this string later too. Now only 1 thing doesnt work. I cant get my ich9r controller to recognize the 3rd and 4th hdd, I can only use 2 drives. Any idea?
  9. hmm... thats not so easy.... i hope using strings is the trick to get sleep working..... how do i get rid of all those injectors? Do i have to delete them by hand? Is there a string for sound (ALC889a) too?
  10. Hey... thanks for the answere. I don't really know, but i guess i am using natit. i am using a install pkg from bronja (or bronya) for my x1950pro. If you can tell me, what to add to the bootlist i will try it. Otherwise... you signature is quite informative, i will just have a look if the board is still available.
  11. Thas true..... but trying some other AppleSMBIOS.kext didnt do the trick for me. Still no sleep. Well... when i put my system to sleep it will gown down. But i wont wake tho... Computer turns on, all fans run at full speed and monitor stays black. Could it be a graphic card problem?
  12. Hi there. This post is for everyone that got OSX 10.5 running perfectly fine. I am looking for some Hardware that anybody can CONFIRM 100% sleep compatible. Doesn't have to be the most expensive one I allready have a new system running with a Gigabyte P35-DS3 and an ATI 1950Pro. But this configuration doesn't shutdown propertly nor does sleep work. So... anybody can list some working stuff here??? THANKS!!! Cheers
  13. I just wonder..... does the graphics drive has anything to do with the sleep function? Does anyone here can use sleep with the ati driver? The driver works perfect and all.. but i NEVER got my system to wake up from sleep... so i just wonder if its a graphic card problem or a mobo problem. works under vista tho... maybe someone can help me with that. cheers.
  14. USB Problem

    hehehe what i mean is: when i boot with a USB Stick or iPOD connected from the beginning i can use it. Disconnecting an reconnecting wont bring it back. Same for any USB device i plug in while Leo runs... doesn't work
  15. USB Problem

    I have a problem with USB it seems. When i connect some USB it wont mounted (any more). It used to be though. Only thing i changed was adding two more sata devices. When i boot with my usb device connect everything works fine. but when i disconnect it and connect again it wont be recognized anymore. I am using a GA-P35-DS3 mainboard with EFI 5.2 and vanilla 9.1.0 kernel.