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Peculiar Boot problem from Kalway disc


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I am facing a very peculiar problem..when i try to boot from Kalway disc(10.5.2) for installation it ends up in a blue screen. But after lot of reattempts i finally managed to get installation to start(1 in 5 attempts succesful)

After 3 unsuccesful installations i managed to install leopard. But again face the same problem

Able to boot to leopard in 1 in 5 attempts. Others end up in a blue screen.



I have the following config


presario M2000


512MB ram



I was using tiger 10.4.8 before this without any issues


Any reccomendations are welcome

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Are you using the original power supply for your laptop?


I had a similar problem with a dell 9300, it ended up being i was using a 65w power supply instead of the 90w original.


Mind you my laptop worked 100% even with the 65w power supply, but only the installation would lock up.

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