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Ethernet (LAN) Problems and sound


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I have a problem i installed Leopard ToH version but in AirPort Infomartion: is saying that there is not informaton, when i try to configure internet it does not recognize any connection. and says that the cable is unppluged... I would like to know if i use USB to connect my PC to internet it can work? I remember that when i was finished installation of OS X chose the option "my computer is not connected to internet".


Network Status about the hardware in Mac










Type: PPP (PPTP)




Configuration Method: PPP




Configuration Method: Automatic




FTP Passive Mode: Yes





No information found.



Firewall Settings:




Mode: Allow all incoming connections












Active Location: Yes






Type: PPP




Configuration Method: PPP




Configuration Method: Automatic




FTP Passive Mode: Yes




ACSP Enabled: Yes


Authorization Name:


CCP Enabled: 1


CCP MPPE 128 Enabled: 1


CCP MPPE 40 Enabled: 0


Display Terminal Window: No


Redial Count: 1


Redial Enabled: No


Redial Interval: 5


Remote Address:


Use Terminal Script: No


Dial On Demand: No


Disconnect On Fast User Switch: Yes


Disconnect On Idle: No


Disconnect On Idle Time: 600


Disconnect On Logout: Yes


Disconnect On Sleep: No


Idle Reminder: No


Idle Reminder Time: 1800


IPCP Compression VJ: No


LCP Echo Enabled: Yes


LCP Echo Failure: 15


LCP Echo Interval: 20


Log File: /var/log/ppp.log


Verbose Logging: No








No information found.







The second question is that my PC only the left out put audio plays, i try to see in configuration but is impossible to solve the problem.



Audio Status about the hardware in Mac

Audio (Built In)

No Built-in Audio.








I use on board devices and my motherboard is PM9MS



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Please boot into Windows and right-click My Computer, Properties, Device Manager.


Then go find your Ethernet or Networking Controller name and it's device ID and the same with your audio device.


Come back here when you have those two and the brandname + model of your motherboard and we might be able to help you.

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Ok i will give many network detail details





Principal IP Address



Principal Mac Address 00-**-**-x*1-13-X*



Adaptador de Rede VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter (


Sorry but i prefered to hide my Mac Address, Is there no problem for u?



Motherboard Properties:



Manunfacturer: Unknow



Product: PM800-8237

The motherboard code is: PM9MS from Jetway (this code is display in a adhesive in the motherboard, i use it to pick drivers when i format my PC, those other number i obtained in a application that enable me to make a completly PC devices scan.


Full motherboard ID:






Sound Adaptor: VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller


That is all... thanks for help. But tell me if i buy a new Ethernet device or USB adaptor it can work. May be i can do it if we don't solve this problem.


PS: All devices are on board.



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I'm having a similar problem although excluding sound problems. Here is my thread:




So would the solution to these problems rely on getting the right patch for each of the components right?


Today I've been contemplating actually looking into my old x86 tiger boot dvds to see if I could extract any kind of LAN networking packages that accompanied those installers and installing then into Kalyway Leopard. Would that be plausable to do? Is installing Tiger packs in Leopard going to be problematic??



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