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  1. Does anyone know if these things are working? EXTERNAL MONITOR (VGA) EXTERNAL SOUND(LINE -IN) ETHERNET These are the only things I need - can someone confirm? Thanks
  2. oes anyone have a fix for Audio input & autoswitching? This is the only fix I cannot find anywhere. If someone is running this on an AOA150, please help. Thank you!
  3. Does anyone have a fix for Audio input & autoswitching? This is the only fix I cannot find anywhere. If someone is running this on an AOA150, please help. Thank you!
  4. Hello everyoneI'm trying to build a render farm. Does anyone have any experience running mac clusters?
  5. I have had a version of tiger (10.4.5) running on this for a year or so. Sound, Internet, internal graphics have been working wonderfully. But now I've been trying to load Kalyway & iDeneb which install perfectly but graphics & audio do not work. My question. Is there a way to analyze what is working in the old version just so I can install it into the Leopard upgrades? I've tried googling for the answer but cannot get anything relative to this. Any advice would be nice. thank you
  6. so i guess no one knows? Anyone please help?
  7. Hi, I recently bought a Bytecc PCIe x1 SATA card. I've installed it now, but 10.4.8 does not recognize the Hard drives that are connected to it. Is there a possiblity there are any pre existing drivers that might work for this. Is there a place I can look for this kind of stuff ---or am I pretty much in the dark with this. Thank you.
  8. I would like to make a carbon copy of my current OS Leopard onto another partition AND on onto another Hard Drive. What is the best way to do this? Is there a good program for this?
  9. I'm having ethernet issues.Can anyone throw down some names of drivers that I can try in KaLy LeopardHere is my mobo specs if needed:http ://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/generic...en&lang=en So far what I've been doing is going into my old x86 tiger boot dvds and extracting the Install package files for LAN components and installing them through Leopard. Would this ever work ( so far no results.) or do I have to install these kexts manually through terminal and set permissions?? Thank you
  10. Ethernet (LAN) Problems and sound

    I'm having a similar problem although excluding sound problems. Here is my thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=85802 So would the solution to these problems rely on getting the right patch for each of the components right? Today I've been contemplating actually looking into my old x86 tiger boot dvds to see if I could extract any kind of LAN networking packages that accompanied those installers and installing then into Kalyway Leopard. Would that be plausable to do? Is installing Tiger packs in Leopard going to be problematic?? cheers
  11. Rocket science: I've returned your pm message. Now - so I just cannot figure out how to get around this ethernet problem. Leopard is just not reading it when DSL is going into it. I've located the tech specs of my mobo and now trying to see what kind of networking components I'm working with: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/generic...=en&lang=en Seems like Intel 82562V LAN PHY (Ekron-N 10/100 Mbps) Okay now I'm wondering where to go from here. Should I dig up one of my old x86 Tiger boot disks to see if there is an install package that can install & patch up this problem within Kalyway Leopard?? Or is there another way? hmm.....
  12. OKAY! 48 hours later and Kalyway is working on my HP 2.2Ghz core 2. Just got My Nvidia Geforce 8300 GS 128mb to work this moring and it works like a charm. But now- another conundrum! My ethernet is not reading!! I have my 2wire wi-fi modem hooked in via ethernet to my hackintosh, yet in network diagnostic it is not showing up? How can I go about fixing this now? Is it a permanent mobo problem - or is there a patch? I have an asus mobo - will put up serial and stats in a bit.
  13. 8300GS in Leopard

    Never mind peps! found the right kext. after a dozen installs and kext replacements.
  14. 8300GS in Leopard

    I've been trying all weekend to search for an anwser, on the NVinject forums & here, to whether my Geforce 8300GS 128mb card will work in my machine which is now running the Kalyway Leopard. IF someone know something of this card or whether it is at all compatible - please drop me a message. thank you.