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J Micron IDE controllers


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hi all


As some of us are having problems installing leopard with j micron ide controllers


i found a fix well it works for me and have updated all software, plus internet and

Wifi work also, what doesnt as yet is sound working on that.


what i did was to buy PCI IDe card making sure it was not Jmicron, i bought

one for £14.99 and it is an ITE brand a generic one. also bought a IDE to Sata

converter £19,99.


installed card and installed driver then swapped ide to sata for my DVD writer

then went in bios and disabled the IDe controller and enabled the Sata controller


installed leopard first time i got the grey apple screen and wouldnt boot

because i selected varoius drivers. installed again this time no drivers were selected

apart from vanilla kernal and EFI kernal i used MBR because i formatted in MBR


then installed took about 25 minutes and viola it booted first time and no probs at all


then i did a software update and it detected my wifi and my HP printer .


also my home network works also. not bad for £35 worth of fix.


My screen res is 1024 by 786 i need somehow to up it. working on that also.


apart from my sound and screen res everything O.k.


hope that helps some of you who have a j micron ide controller. all parts were bought

at Maplins in U.k.





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