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  1. Bootloader in EasyBDC

    hi all anyone know how do do this please. any help gladly appreciated. thanks Eggie
  2. Bootloader in EasyBDC

    hi all tried to add leopard to EasyBCd but keep getting this message how do get round this ? --------------------------- Action Needed to Continue --------------------------- An entry for your OS X installation has been successfully added to the Vista bootloader. However, in order to use the Vista bootloader to boot OS X, you'll have to first get a copy of /usr/standalone/i386/boot.efi from OS X, and save it as C:\NST\nst_mac.efi in Windows Vista. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- thanks Eggie
  3. terminal error

    hi justvisiting Tried what you said in ur post but the keyboard doesn't type anything it just stays at the prompt and the Field stays blank any more help would be appreciated Thanks eggie
  4. terminal error

    hi all trying to update leopard to 10.5.2 but when i access terminal and type sudo -s it asks for password when i try and password nithings happens the fiels stays blank and nothing gets typed. any help appreciated. thanks eggie
  5. terminal error

    hi all trying to update leopard to 10.5.2 but when i access terminal and type sudo -s it asks for password when i try and password nithings happens the fiels stays blank and nothing gets typed. any help appreciated. thanks eggie
  6. 10.5.2

    hi all Can anyone tell me what files I need to backup before upgrading to leopard 10.5.2 apart from applembios, applehda Any help appreciated Thanks eggie
  7. how to edit plist and save it

    hi deviant thanks for the info wil give it a try tonite Thanks Eggie
  8. hi all having trouble editing plist in plist pro I edit the nait kext but won't let me save it keeps saying no permissions. Set but the permissions are set. also text edit won't let me save it either If I use terminal in apps when I input my password the field stays blank Any help appreciated Thanks eggie
  9. hi all Tried to install nvidis driver package with open gl nvidia inject and nvidia driver pack. I deleted open gl and went to replace it it keeps saying you are not allowed to perform this no permissions set tried all sorts but couldn't do it and had to reboot the pc and now all I get is apple screen with spinning wheel nothing else Any help how to sort this without fresh install Thanks Eggie
  10. Problem with P5K + JMicron + IDE drive

    hi jiminy i had the same problem as you where i had a newer board an asus ix 38 which had an intel ix38 chip and a intel ich9r chip read my topic on how i got round the problem http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry607359 i hope this helps. i know lots of us are having the same problem with Jmicron IDe controllers that why i posted on how to cure. thanks Eggie
  11. hi all Since I'm new to the mac scene how do I install geforce driver 8600gt 512mb I have the driver but how do I install it. Tried using terminal in apps but asks for password when I input it nothings happens the screen stays blank Any help appreciated Thanks Eggie
  12. hi all Where can I find driver for geforce 8600 gt for leopard 10.5 as my display only showing RES of 1024 x 760 Thanks Eggie
  13. hi all As some of us are having problems installing leopard with j micron ide controllers i found a fix well it works for me and have updated all software, plus internet and Wifi work also, what doesnt as yet is sound working on that. what i did was to buy PCI IDe card making sure it was not Jmicron, i bought one for £14.99 and it is an ITE brand a generic one. also bought a IDE to Sata converter £19,99. installed card and installed driver then swapped ide to sata for my DVD writer then went in bios and disabled the IDe controller and enabled the Sata controller installed leopard first time i got the grey apple screen and wouldnt boot because i selected varoius drivers. installed again this time no drivers were selected apart from vanilla kernal and EFI kernal i used MBR because i formatted in MBR then installed took about 25 minutes and viola it booted first time and no probs at all then i did a software update and it detected my wifi and my HP printer . also my home network works also. not bad for £35 worth of fix. My screen res is 1024 by 786 i need somehow to up it. working on that also. apart from my sound and screen res everything O.k. hope that helps some of you who have a j micron ide controller. all parts were bought at Maplins in U.k. thanks Eggie
  14. Asus ix38 quad GT

    hi cobra i have tried turning all features off relating to the Cpu in the bois also got an external USB DVD burner but still cant get the disc to load. systen config boot.plist not found. i have the AHCI turned on in bios and also to boot off USB CD Rom and Sata CD Rom. But still no go, as i got a IDE to Sata converter to try but still wont load up. will try and search for the the relevent threads and c what i come up with. thanks Eggie
  15. Asus ix38 quad GT

    hi all trying to install leopard on this mobo asus IX38 quad GT with Q6600 quad cpu. but keep getting boot.plist not found . The mobo has Intel IX 38 chipset and also ICH9R chipset. I tried the both discs Kalway and Brazilmac and both give the same error , so went and bought a LG GSA E60N USB DVD burner and still get the same error. I have everything related to the CPU off in bios and bios latest one V12. i know the board uses a micron IDE Controller, i also updated that but still same error boot.plist not found. i have set mt devices in bios to AHCI but cant get the DVD to load. Any help appreciated. Thanks Eggie