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ok well after lots of trial and error i have finally been able to get leopard installed on my amd box without asking for any help (these forums are great) :( but sadly after finally getting it up and running i get to the part of the initial setup where it wants me to create my user account but after i put in all my info and hit next (or was it creat?? i dont remember but whatever) anyway when i hit the button it says at the bottom "creating your account" and the little throbber turns next to it but it just sits there doing that forever i mean like 20 minutes and finally when i cant take it anymore i shut it down but then when i try it again it says that the account allready exsists and it puts a 1 next to my name so i went into the installation through ubuntu (also installed on my system( anbd it shows that every account i have tryed to create is there but i just cant seem to access them


any ideas??

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I'll bet you all have an "nforce networking controller", right? It may even be a Realtek RTL8201 PHY...


This is an extremely well known occurance (and well documented...) - if you haven't seen it, you haven't been reading. There are a couple of fixes, but the best way past the "account creation" hang is to have a KNOWN GOOD Network Adapter (LAN Adapter, Ethernet Adapter).


Problem is, once I've had an install hang there, I've never been able to get past it without erasing the install drive and re-installing (I usually have to re-partition...). Simply "trying it again" has never worked for me.


The installer software wants (expects - since ALL real Mac's HAVE a working networking adapter) to immediately connect to the Internet. The simplest way to get through the Inital Setup and Account Creation is to enter your "Mac ID" and Password (the user ID and password you use at the iTunes Store). The Installer goes to the Internet, looks up your account and grabs all your information. And of course communicates with Apple for various reasons. If you let it, it's smooth sailing. If you have a non-working LAN adapter (because YOURS isn't fully supported by OS X) you get nothing but grief...


What to do: If your LAN adapter isn't FULLY supported by OSX - disable it in the BIOS (if it's a PCI card, remove it from your computer). If you're not sure, don't chance it. When the Initial Setup asks "how you connect to the Internet" - tell it you don't have an Internet connection. And remember that if you don't get through Account Creation the first time, you'll likely be re-installing. (Personally, I've stopped trying to get unsupported LAN adapters working. It's MUCH less frustrating to just install a PCI LAN adapter built with the Realtek RTL8139 or RTL8169 chip - fully supported out-of-the-box (and completely disabling the stupid "nforce networking controller" built into the motherboard).)


Once you get through and into the Desktop, you can worry about getting your LAN Adapter up and running (or finding one that will...) and any other hardware that might not work properly. Please remember that there is a LOT of PC hardware that is not, and will probably never be supported by the Mac OS.


There are some other "tricks" if you're comfortable working with Terminal or command line instructions. See the Zephyroth Wiki and Support website:





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ok using the console i was able to get into my instillation but now when i log in it gives me an error about this computer cannot acces the disk that is inserted or some such and gives the options to unmount initialise orexit (i think) and whatever i click it goes on to start to load the desktop i get a really big dock that isnt animated and then after about 30 seconds it kicks me back to the login screen and freezes


i am posting this here in case anyone allready following this thread can benefit from it and i will also be starting a new thread about it wich can be accessed here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=85511

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YEAHHH it works!

After some installations i figured out the best method for me:


- Install Leopard with all extra trash (customize)

- While setting up the installer you need to plug out the ethernetcable and then you can choose the option: "i am not connected to internet" or something like that.


Then i can run Leopard. WHOOOHOO





Ps. thx for your help!

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can you post what cards use these chipsets and possibly where i can get them??


for those interested it seems intel pro/100 seems to work as well but its expensive


Many of the "less-expensive" LAN Adapters use the Realtek chips.

Most cards by "Trendnet" and "Airlink" do (as well as several other manufacturers...)





this Trendnet gigabit adapter uses the RTL8169 - so does this Airlink:




this Airlink card (10/100) uses the RTL8139:



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