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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Guys, I just wanted to report that we bought an Atheros AR9280 Half Mini-PCIe wifi card (from China, off eBay. $17 shipped - took about 2 weeks to arrive...) and my son just installed it in his 1201N. He's dual-booting OSX 10.6.4 and Win7 and wifi now works perfectly in both! OSX supports it natively and Win7 found drivers for it without problem. It's a very good solution and cheaper than the Dell 1510 card.
  2. AMD 780g chipset

    Yup, works fine... (just NOT the IGP!) I've got 2 installs running on 780G motherboards (Gigabyte GA-MA78GM S2H v1.0 and v1.1). One with a Phenom 9550 and one with an A64 X2 2.3GHz. Easiest to use AHCI for your SATA hard drives and Chameleon for EFi. You CAN'T use PC_EFi v8 with a Phenom (or any install distro that uses it!). LawlessPPC has a 10.5.4 Phenom distro now. I used Zephyroth 10.5.1 on my Phenom board, then added Chameleon EFi, then updated to 10.5.3 and 10.5.4 using Zephyroth's ASU 0.5... I used Leo4all v4.1 for AMD on my Athlon64 X2 install (PC_EFi only applies to Phenom CPU's). The onboard LAN works OOTB (the RTL8111 will use the same "driver" as the RTL8169) and the onboard ALC889a audio works with the 889 driver on the Leo4all installer. No problems with USB or 1394a either...
  3. AMD 64 Setup Problem, Hardware?

    Well, the kernel panic is caused by the nforceATA .kext (the nforce chipset "drivers"). That system is a little old (socket 754) and the newer distros may not be including the older nforce .kexts. I know Leo4all v 4.1 for AMD lists .kexts for nforce 2/3/4/etc.. - some other releases may also. It's been a while, but I used Zephyroth 10.5.1 for my first hackintosh and it uses a nforce 6100/430 socket 754 MB. My son still uses that system - it runs OSx86 24-7...
  4. None. But if you don't choose any "driver" the x300 should still work in VESA mode (mine does). It just won't ever be fully supported - no QE/CI...
  5. LEO4ALL help for AMD

    If you installed Leo4all, why aren't you posting this on their website? Or did you already?
  6. osx86 phenom x4 freezes then restarts

    Oh ya... It's fast. My 9550 machine scores 175 in xbench on the basic stuff. (run without disk test (I use an external HD) or openGL (my HD3200 video doesn't have full QE/CI...))
  7. leopard install on amd64 clawhammer

    One of my best installs is running on a s754 MB with a single core Turion64. That was my first Zephyroth 10.5.1 install and my son uses that machine daily. @ sklarsky: The only way to tell for sure is to try... The nforce MB's are generally supported, the CPU shouldn't be a problem, the nforce LAN (onboard LAN adapter(s)) have been a challenge for many. Actually, with OSx86, older hardware usually has better support than the brand new stuff. I don't know about the x300 video though - a quick search will show if anyone has had any sucess there. Otherwise, there are any number of video cards being used with OSx86 that have full QE/CI support. You'll need to know what hardware and chipsets are in use on your motherboard. ("nforce LAN" isn't good enough...) The exact audio chipset being used, and LAN chipset(s) will be necessary (realtek RTL8201? Marvell?) for you to find the proper .kexts ("drivers") or workarounds... Other than that, you'll have a lot of reading to do. There can be a lot of "trial-and-error" involved. I'd suggest you try one of the Zephyroth releases, or Leo4all. Listing all of your hardware is always a good idea. Lastly, you'll find more AMD-specific help at infinitemac.com or at the Leo4all website.
  8. Help Needed with AMD

    I've never installed lawlessppc's release. With my Phenom and Zephyroth, it was necessary to enable AHCI in the BIOS and set my SATA DVD to "IDE mode". Read all the Phenom posts at infinitemac.com carefully - there should be good information there (if it's back up - I couldn't get on yesterday). (the "still waiting for root..." is generally a sign that the installer is having problems with your main chipset (in your case probably an SB600 or SB700 series) and it's IDE and/or SATA drive controller... the lawless release should recognize that most Phenom boards will be using one of those chipsets. It may also be a good idea to use the " -f " startup option to force loading (checking) all .kexts ("drivers")...)
  9. Dang! Even the link at Leo4all points to infinitemac...
  10. Help Needed with AMD

    Either that or you don't know what the hell you're talking about... I vote number 2. You can't install a release that uses PC_EFI v8 on a Phenom machine. You need a release without PC_EFI - like Zephyroth 10.5.1 - OR you need to get and use lawlessppc's 10.5.4 Phenom/AMD release. Zephyroth's has NO EFI - so it'll install and let you add Chameleon EFI for Phenoms (then you can update to 10.5.3 / 10.5.4 with Zephyroth's ASU 0.5). lawlessppc's 10.5.4 includes the updates, Chameleon EFI, and shuns PC_EFI v8. Oh, I have 10.5.4 running on an AMD/ATi 780G MB with an AMD Phenom 9550 quad core... Check infinitemac.com - lots of AMD OSx86 users there...
  11. Combine iatkos and ideneb?

    Find the .kext that makes the battery meter work for you and apply it in your current install...
  12. Without QE/CI most of the basic software will run - many other things will not. Most add-on software for OSX will require QE/CI (at least all the really cool stuff generally requires full QE/CI support...). You may have some success getting to the OSX Desktop, but with a Radeon Xpress 200 chipset (and most other IGP's), you'll never get past the basic software set. They've been trying to get the x200 (200M) working for a year or more. Doesn't look like it'll happen.
  13. Installing Leopard 10.5.2 on Compaq M2105CA

    I tried to install OSx86 on my Compaq V2312US at least a dozen times. Yup, I got it to run (though not well) but there are any number of things that just won't work. These are the hurdles: - Biggest = Radeon Xpress x200 (or 200M) will never have proper support in OSX. - Keyboard work? mine never did. Had to use external USB keyboard - Trackpad? nope. external USB mouse... - The ATi chipset doesn't have very good support, that's why the SLOW install (and slow everything else) but if you ever get it into the OSX Desktop you'll probably be able to find a .kext that helps there...) - my internal drives never did work well - IDE HD and DVD - no memory card slot support - no PCMCIA card slot support Sound worked WIFI worked onboard LAN worked good luck...
  14. You should probably try lawlessPPC's 10.5.4 for Phenom release... This thread is slightly old news. Injecting .kexts into an install DVD requires a bit of learning (the installer is in a "package" - this isn't Windows... before you'll see the folders he mentions, you have to have software that'll open and manipulate the package - once you add the files, you'll have to re-burn the install DVD. SO, there might be easier ways...) Zephyroth 10.5.1 worked for me on a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM S2H MB, but I installed to an external HD. My internal drives worked (after a fashion - even though I have an SB700) because I enabled AHCI in the BIOS. Then I got Chameleon EFI for Phenom installed and it runs OSX fairly well. lawlessPPC's dist. is built from those early experiences and should be much easier to install... You should really be looking at infinitemac.com