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BenQ P52 - Mobility X1600 problem...

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Here`s my problem - I`ve got BenQ P52 laptop - no windows, no other systems, just Leopard AMD working. I cant get the resolution higher than 1024*768, and when booted with -f windows break when i move them ( they disappear and leave blurry borders on the screen... ) i guess it`s the gfx problem. When i boot with -x - everything works nice. But...no higher resolution available. Anybody ? I`ve tried many methods from forum...nothing works.

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Same problem here, tried editing com.Apple.bootlist.plist as well.. but it'll only spit out weird errors I've never seen. Tried the ATi driver on iAtkos too, but that gives me a blank screen. Default install gives me a max 1024x768. But QE/CI enabled, which I'm happy with.. I only want a higher resolution x.x

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