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  1. Serphi

    10.5.4 Released

    Updated with downloaded update from Apple.com and replaced kernel with new 9.4.0 modbin kernel and System.kext before reboot, rebooted with -v -f and all is working fine. Easiest update yet XD
  2. Serphi

    New 9.2.2 ToH kernel

    This worked, thanks! =D
  3. I've installed this update and replaced the kernel with the new ToH 9.2.2 kernel and it boots perfectly. USB problems are now gone too, WD Passport, Wireless mouse and wlan usb work
  4. Serphi

    New 9.2.2 ToH kernel

    I've got some USB issues as well, my wireless mouse first stopped working but does work now when I try other ports on my laptop. My digital camera doesn't seem to show up and the same goes for my external HD. I need to do some more extensive testing, but USB is just acting a bit weird so far lol.
  5. Same here yea, installed that one already and no updates atm. Maybe it's still coming, you can still donwload it manually, but I'm just waiting for the software update to pop up.
  6. It's still in development, search before you post. http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=84072
  7. That's okay It at least made me think of making a backup when I got my install running perfectly again lol =p Can't remember any clear error messages or anything out of the ordinary.. so I wouldn't know either. When I get a proper backup maybe I'll try again. Thanks anyway
  8. I've just tried it and after rebooting the Apple loading screen keeps loading, and loading and loading till like forever. Booting in -v showed the login.app to be started but nothing on screen. -x won't work either. Tried to replace the kext back into place via -s but won't do much either, so now I'm just reinstalling lol. Anything I did wrong maybe? Just dragged the thingy over and removed the Extensions.mkext.
  9. Yeah same here, I lost hope before I got 1280x800 lol. But I'm happy that it at least works this far. I've had the same pain with this in Linux, drivers are hell. It's a miracle Compiz Fusion works now, but I love OSX more nonetheless =p
  10. Yes, I noticed the same thing. I've tried Tombraider Legend from the Apple site, the demo. I think it does 'Detects Display' or something, cause when I close the game with alt-Q I get a blue screen, when I VNC to my laptop it shows the desktop normally. After a reboot it's still okay though. But the blue screen is something I noticed a while back when trying out the external monitor / TV stuff, so I figured something like that. Some random Tank game still worked perfectly though. Haven't tried iPhoto's full screen slideshow either since I don't use it. But I did in the past and it made tears too.
  11. You saved me a scare there xD Before I booted up my laptop I read the message and got the striped screen. Simple reboot worked yes, another reboot later I got the garbage screen. But as you mentioned simple reboot and it's okay again. I don't mind it much, I'm happy enough I've got 1280x800. And Leopard boots much, much faster than Windows so I won't even notice lol. I still hope a fix will be found someday. Thanks for the tip anyways, still gotta try a FS OpenGL app to see if it still tears lol.
  12. Blah, I just woke up and I still can't believe my eyes I tried it again, ripped the EDID with Phoenix.exe. Property editor thingy, blah blah all replaced and rebooted. Meanwhile went to the bathroom and got back upstairs and everythings sooo crispy and small! So everything works correctly now, yay! <3 I only wonder what I did wrong last time, but ah well. No artifacts even, so I can turn off MouseLocater finally too xD Still gotta try some OpenGL thingy to see if it still tears. But movies/series are still working properly full screen, my biggest concern for a sec lol.. Really, again. I can't thank you enough for making me try again =D!
  13. Thanks so much for your replies @ DrDeelay : I just tried that, and after rebooting I get a blank screen. The laptop's LCD won't go on, system will still start up because I can hear the sounds and shutdown with the power button + enter. @ Mariusz : I've tried that approach before installing 10.5.2 and all that, but it gave me a blank screen eventually too. However when I remote to my laptop it still shows up and I can change resolutions. Only the LCD will stay dead..
  14. What kind of x1600 you have? I've got a mobility x1600 71c5 1002, device ID was already in the new ATIRadeon1000.kext and I couldn't find anything in the ATINDrive that I should change, or am I missing something here? 10.5.2 patched kernel and all is running well nonetheless, only still stuck on 1024x768.. QE/CI still works too.
  15. Serphi

    ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    On a Toshiba A100-768 or something (a100 series I'm sure), device ID 71c5. I just get a blank screen. I can control the screen via VNC, choose resolutions too. I've tried native 1280x800 but no go. 800x600 and 1024x768 won't work anymore either.. QE / CI were already working before I tried, but still do.. Any help please? I'm really close lol..