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  1. BenQ P52 Drivers Pack

    Good news for all BenQ P52 users with Leopard 10.5.2 ( older maybe as well ? ) No matter which model you`ve got ( p52, p52eg etc ). In pack You`ll find drivers for graphics and sound - work is still in progress, any help will be nice. Of course all files in the pack are from the forum, little modified and with few "tricks" - no copyrights violated. 1) Ati Mobility Radeon X1600 0x71c5 - GFX : delete all your kexts -ATI*****.kext -IONDRVSupport.kext use Kexthelper to install 3 kexts from pack - reboot, and enjoy. When you finish your work with PC - delete those 3 installed kext, and install them again. Now you can reboot or shutdown. If you dont "re-install" it, screen will get glitches - but even then, reinstalling it will help. You dont have to provide EDID etc. We have compared EDIDs from two laptops P52 - they`re the same. Now you can change your resolution to 1280x800. We`re working on QE/CI right now. 2) Realtek HD Audio ALC262 - Audio - work discovered by GNG - use AppleHDA patcher 1.20 (thanks for Taruga for his tool ), install with codec included in pack. Restart - you get no sound now. Run kexthelper, and install AppleHDA.kext and ALCinject.kext prom the pack. Sound will be on now - headphones\speakers working. We still try to get it to work better, so if anyone has better solutions - post please Thanks for all kexts, patchers etc. authors. The pack is : HERE
  2. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    Can anybody help me with Mobility Radeon X1600 ? I CANT get it working with all those methods. That`s my EDID : LINK That`s my ID : 0x71c5 That`s my result... : LINK I know it`s maybe too much to ask but.....could anybody prepare right kexts for me ? Maybe i`m doing something wrong cause i still can`t get it working
  3. Force screen resolution

    try this : sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist and after line with boot time, insert this : <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1152x864x32</string> save with ctrl+x, press "y" and enter. Elsewhere i`ve read that it should be "1152x864x32@75" so... But... To be honest - it never worked for me, but some people claim that it`s working for them, so give it a try, maybe it will help. (If Your system wont boot after that edit, will reset or give black screen, boot with -s and undo the changes )
  4. Link dead, can anyone post it elsewhere ?
  5. BenQ P52 - Mobility X1600 problem...

    Here`s my problem - I`ve got BenQ P52 laptop - no windows, no other systems, just Leopard AMD working. I cant get the resolution higher than 1024*768, and when booted with -f windows break when i move them ( they disappear and leave blurry borders on the screen... ) i guess it`s the gfx problem. When i boot with -x - everything works nice. But...no higher resolution available. Anybody ? I`ve tried many methods from forum...nothing works.
  6. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Oh well, im kinda noob in that stuff. The thing i`ve managed to find is that : The chipset is : ATI Xpress 1150 (ATI RX485) HDD : Hitachi 100GB 5400 obr 2,5" SATA If there`s anything more needed, i`ll search for more.
  7. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Tried it, and cannot install it My Installer cant see my hdd. I`m using BenQ P52 Laptop - is there anything i can do to make the installer see my hdd ? Im not able to buy any external drive, my only hope is to make the installer see my hdd. Is there anything to do ? Thanks